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5 Years of T.C. Recap


MRZ Cruised out to our Five Year Anniversary that went down last weekend and did a killer job of capturing some of the Best Mashing contest that went down in the bowl featuring all the slayers.

Josh Borden – Nosegrind Tallgrab off the extension.

Mason Merlino blasted lein airs all night long.

Ben Johnson has invert board control like no fucking other.

Joshua Rodriguez cruised out and crushed it – Saran wrap lein.

Tyler Martin – recently moved to SD and had to mash! Double tap Invert.

Cam is a G, so stoked to see him cruise out and mash with the boys! Lein tail.

Josh Stafford native turf – Clairmont. Go fishing.

Jeff Ward has been down with Typical Culture since day 1! 5 years later – Bs Boneless off and in.

Josh calmly executes a Boneless.

If you know this truck then you mash alot.

Ronnie Yerman is the man – Fishing like a boss.

Patrick Ryan knows how to blast those Fs Airs very stylish.

Ben Johnson – Told you so.

Ward – Lein air

Joshua was killing it all day long along with others – Fs Invert.

Patrick floats those Fs Blunts like a Fs Kickturn.

Crazy Kyle getting sick with a Bs Sweeper madness.

Chris Russell – Took the cake in the best mashing ( per normal ) Lein tail.

This here is Andrew “Fucking” Mercado – the best dude out. Fs Rock.

Chris blasting a Frontside Air through the corner (maybe revert?) stay tuned for the video.

Thanks to Bull Taco and all our sponsors for cruising out to the event and supporting local D.I.Y. Skateboarding!

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