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619 – Memorial Park loc’d out

Here’s a rad montage filmed at Memorial Skatepark featuring all sorts of San Diego locals and rippers!!

Featuring: Jason Carter, Jimmy Carlin, Brian Gille, Abe Alma, Joey Poiriez, Danny Forte, Jordan Mourning, Joey Castillo.

On June 19th, 2013…

Local San Diego skateboarders congregated together for an unofficial “619 Appreciation Day.” If you are from San Diego you will know that as far as phone area codes are concerned, “619” represents the O.G. generation of skateboarding and “858” represents the new wave of up and comers. Depending on where you live in the greater San Diego area you may either have a 619, 858, or 760 area code…its as simple as that. While area codes may change over the years as well as the skate crews that define San Diego skateboarding, one thing will always remain the same…SD I REPRESENT.

Film & Edit: Adam Stephenson

a SD LOC’D OUT production.

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