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Dante DeBose, Skateboarder, Interview, Photos, Carlos Jaramillo

Peppermint Schnapz, tell us your real name and where you're from and where you reside now?
Dante DeBose I'm from Vacaville, California but I live in Gainesville, Florida now

I know you started skating in Cali a couple years before coming to Florida. What to you is the difference between West and East coast skating and which would you prefer?
I love the eastcoast scene. Shit I just love the eastcoast in general it's more down to earth people more chill, it's more of a home feeling. I love the westcoast also but I'm happy I moved away. All my friends stopped skating n started bangin n shit so I'm happy I got away n didn't fall into that. I always wanna go back but haven't been since I left. The style of skating there I feel unless you in Frisco or somethin, ur jumpin down something or some handrail or something.......I'm good on that, I wanna walk after I try tricks (laughs). Eastcoast is more what you find. Hydrants, mannys, banks, rough shit, wateva ya know, our version of smooth ground is a basketball court which razors ur board n rips your body the fuck up if you fall.

Dante DeBose, Ollie, Porch, Photo

What's your usual skate day like and who do you usually cruise with?
The homies, everyone from the ville is so close n it's such a small town that everyone knows everyone n we all meet up n skate on the daily whether it's just cruising around, goin to the park, whatever. It's ill, we just wanna fuckin ride n do stupid tricks that people will prolly hate on but wateva shits fun. Tryin to skitch buses n shit I love it.

Dante DeBose, Ollie, Porch, Photo
Double Madness, Fs Ollie over Chuey.

So this Summer you went on a road trip to Washington DC, Woodward and NYC. How was that experience like for you?
Aw man it was amazing. I hadn't been outta state in a minute especially on a road trip. Last one was to Chicago to visit some friends n the drive was intense lol, this one was good. The first stop in DC I got my wallet stolen while I was trying something so I was really bummed I had no money or nothin but then things picked up at Woodward. I was so anxious to get to NYC cuz thats always been my dream is to go there. Not even just for skating but for the whole experience of NYC. It was everything I thought it would be, I can't wait to go back next summer.

Dante DeBose, Ollie, Manual, Photo
Ollie Manual.

Speaking of stolen wallets, you tend to forget and loose your stuff regularly. What's up with that?
I dont know man. Honestly. I guess I just call it bein irresponsible but it trips me alot too. I've lost too many Debit cards, I was 21 for almost 2 weeks before I could enjoy it cuz I lost my wallet which had my ID in it. My mind is always on the go so I don't think about grabbin my shit when we leave, I'm just thinkin sick lets dip out and I'm gone. I gotta get better with that tho.

Dante DeBose, Ollie, Manual, Photo

So you grew up in the ghetto part of town. How has that been knowing that you're probably the only person who skateboards in that side of Gainesville. Do people look down upon you or support you?
At first it sucked, I hated all the negative attention n being heckled when I'd be ridin by. I'd just turn my ipod up on full blast so I wouldn't hear shit anyone had to say, but I'd see them lookin and starin off. Wateva I'd be like fuck it half the time, a lot of the dudes that used to talk shit are in jail or really struggling wit life so I'm happy I stuck on my board so I didn't have to go to that stage posted on tha block all day. They support me now n have my back wit a lot, I chill wit some of em now, go to their houses n we just smoke all day.

Dante DeBose, Ollie, Tre Flip, Photo
Tre Bomb.

You recently just got on a new clothing company Feed the Kids, what are they all about
Feed the Kids is ill, its a company based outta the Ville and Tampa. It's a real urban line. Its aimed more towards the homies in the streets tryin to make it, survive, hustle so they can get by. Its cool cuz it's getting away from the expensive "got it made" appearance and focusing on the real life aspect of things. Im hyped on it for sure.

Dante DeBose, Ollie, Tre Flip, Photo
Rock Fakie.

We have a pretty big skate scene. Why is it that we always tend to slack on a legitimate skate shop. Do you think it affects our scene?
Yeah man it definitly affects it. I feel like a lot of people go through phases here because we don't have anything legit supporting them n keeping them hyped. Gainesvilles a black hole man, a lot of homies get caught up in the party life n drugs n shit n just get too deep in the thought of running a business is just not there.

Dante DeBose, Boardslide, Photo
Bs Boardslide.

What makes Gainesville different from other cities around FLA, like Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, etc?
I think Gainesville has a very unique scene. It's different. The surrounding citites are really ill but Gainesville has a really close homie type feel. Theres no clicks, n bullshit like that, everyone knows everyone n hangs out. The skate scene is real strong here cuz everyone just enjoys skating whether its a shitty spot or a park or an ill spot doesn't matter we just wanna skate. The music scene here plays a big role in things also, its a hard punk scene n people get kinda like a fuck it type feel when they come here, just let loose n let be. The other cities has the spots, but we got the people and vibes for sure.

Dante DeBose, Boardslide, Photo
Fs 180.

Any final shot outs?
My family especially my big bro Mete. Joe n Ernest over at Feed the Kids. Nolan Lee always hookin me up wit decks Pow!! All the homies in the Ville for showin mad love n a good time. Everyone at my job Kristy, Crystal, Dave, Joe. Big ups to SkullRash Buggica, Josh, Ichs, Bristol so many people thanks for the constant love n support!




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