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Dylan Messer, Interview, Skateboard, Arizona, Brad Westcott, Austin Mayer

How hot was it today?
108 man, ruff.

Nice. You missing San Diego yet? It was in the 80s today. I was sweatin.
Haha, every day. I wish I was there chillen.

Lets just jump right into this. Ready?
Haha, yeah I feel nervous.

Dylan Messer, Pecos, 50 Fakei, ben karpinski
Fs 5o Fakie. Photo: Ben Karpinski

How did you find skating living all the way out in Indiana?
Well some kids that lived near me, and one of my friends growing up skated. Back to the future! I saw Gleaming the Cube when I was little. It's like an 80's skate movie.

So Christian Slater got you into skating huh? That's pretty awesome.
Haha, he was a huge influence for sure.

You guys have a similar style. Next question. Ever been to the Indianapolis 500?
Nope, been by the track a million times but never to the race.

Dylan Messer, Fs Feeble, Ben Karpinski
Fs Feeble. Photo: Ben Karpinski

Is that place for the high society only?
Haha. Well, from what I've seen it welcomes every shirtless sunburnt over weight person in Indianapolis.

Haha. Yes. That brings me to my next topic. You mentioned that you were pretty heavyset growing up. What did you do to become your present day fit self? Did you just move to AZ and sweat it out?
Hahaha, well i was always a chunk. im gonna say at about age 13-14 i realized i was over being bigger and quit eating meat, quit drinking soda and got real into skating. Then when I came to AZ I didn't have much money so I ate less and lost more weight.

Dylan Messer, Rock, Joe Hammeke
Rock fakie, Photo: Joe Hammeke

You could write a diet book or something. That hasn't been done in skateboarding yet.
Haha, dude i need to make some money. Maybe thats my in.

So you're six hours from the California dream. ill know you'll make it someday. What did it take to finally get out if the middle of nowhere?
Well when I was 16 I came to AZ for a Christmas present for two weeks and in that two weeks I realized I didn't wanna go back to Indiana so I missed my flight and didn't. I called my parents and said sorry but i wasn't coming back and had my friend Steve tell them I was living with him and i'd be fine which wasn't true.

Dylan Messer, Wallride, Brad Westcott
Bs Wallride

Did this also mean dropping out of high school? Two for one deal.
Well I had done that a few weeks before and i was going to classes to get my GED.

How hard was the GED? Would you recommend it?
You know what, it's not to bad. If high school really isn't for you I say do it or do online school if you've got the money.

Dylan Messer, Interview, Ollie, Brad Westcott
High speed ollie.

And what about college? What do you think about that?
Well it depends, I'm not that hyped on it right now....but I'm sure I'll go at some point at least try it out.

Pottery right?
Haha, something like that. Use my hands.

Dylan Messer, Interview, Ollie, Paul Zdon
Fs Ollie. Photo: Paul Zdon

Back to AZ. You spend a lot of time with the infamous Brad Westcott what's the most passive aggressive thing he has done to you?
Well he broke my door handle off my car then called me an idiot like it was my fault. Now my driver side door doesnt open at all.

I bet he rides around in the back seat now just to have a working door
haha, well I got ac now so he doesn't complain as much but he still hates it.

Dylan Messer, Tail slide, tim johnson
Fs Tailslide. Photo: Tim Johnson

Tell me about the new Rise video does it have a title? Whens it coming out and who has parts?
I don't know.....maybe strange house. I think its gonna come out before winter gets to bad in Indiana. Brad, Brett Reed, and me. I'm pretty out of the lope sorry.

Sounds like half of the video is going to look like Arizona.
Yeah, but the guy whos making it, Jeremy Tubbs, films and edits awesome so it's not gonna be like an Arizona video.

Dylan Messer, Board slide, Interview, Austin Mayer, Brad Westcott
Boardslide Fakie

Let's end this. Who sends you things in the mail to support your habit?
Independent, my friend Neal who works at Vans, Todd Bratrud, and Rise Skateshop.

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