Issue #8


Now you can read Issue #8 online & also order yourself a copy to hold in your hands, free life still exist.
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Chicano Park update


Chicano Park in Barrio Logan is a legendary iconic skate spot, and the city of San Diego has decided to make it a official skatepark. Gallagher Concrete is taking charge, with skaters in control you know it’s going to be good. Here’s a few photos from today’s progress.
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A panoramic view of the entire skatepark area

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Scully and the rest of the crew on site today.

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Mythical Vulture in Australia


It was that time of the year again, to embark into the land down under. The plan was loosely tied together, as the Australian’s generally do it. There wasn’t to many set priorities, which always makes me stoked but also gives me anxiety. Being in OZ defiantly reminds me how much of a workaholic I tend to be. The homies over there truly know how to enjoy the finer things in life, like waking up to the sun and tasting crusty concrete all over your body but not without a good amount of beer consumption, lots and lots of beer consumption.. If you’re planning to stay sober, you might as well stay away.

Here’s a series of events and photos that will not be making the cut for the next zine. Full article & video coming eventually!

Straight off a overnight 14 hour flight to some nice flat-ground to get those Jet legs stretch. I embarked on this journey with the homie James Truesdale.

We went to Newcastle to check out Russell Grundy’s home turf, we skated a lot of rad street spots. Plus the local parks, everything in Newcastle is super fun.

James noseslide fakie.

“I’ll probably go about right here”

Grundy – Ollie, this spot is asking for a wallride.

Down by the water in Newcastle, we found some fun spots to play on. James – jammer.


Chilling in Grundy’s parents backyard view.

Grundy’s Skate Store!

We had to meet up with Alan Young and the boys. So we headed to Bondi beach, were a bunch of homies were already getting there sessions on. Imagine a beach in southern California with a perfect park & bowl located right on the sand. That’s the situation here, along with some full force raging. It was rad to see Alan Young in the local Bondi news-paper first thing in the morning at the hotel.

This spot is so rad, and you’ll see this type of stuff everywhere in Bondi. This was in-route between the hotel and the beach.

The day of the contest (Bowl-A-Rama) included lots of rain in the beginning, but with high spirits and some tech blow-drying skills the contest rambled on!

Last time I was in Australia I spent most my time in Sydney and Newcastle. I told myself no matter what I wanted to get down to Melbourne and Canberra. So the next day we booked a ticket from Sydney to Melbourne.

James, downtown Melbourne.

Melbourne park with a rad bowl in it, we had only been in Melbourne for about a few hours and I already felt pretty comfortable. Locals were friendly and open to us, they seem to have a solid amount of skaters and spots.

Poison City was a rad shop that has records too! & A guy we hangout with that wishes to remain anonymous that had a killer Blood Wizard tattoo.

We had a fun session at Beach Burrito in Fitzroy, Melbourne one day. Super tight small bowl inside a burrito place, doesn’t get much better.

Alan Young – Fs Air. We saw this metal vert ramp off the road in a field. Apparently that’s pretty common in Melbourne.

We decided to head up to Canberra from Melbourne, even though is was total back tracking we mashed! The next day they had a big session in the keyhole.

Alan man crailslide revert. Photo by Luke Brown – A rad dude I also met, that does a local zine from Canberra.

Me, Rock N’ Roll. We skated the legendary U pip, Kambah. That was a sacred moment in skateboarding for me. I’ve always looked at this spot in photos and videos and thought how killer it looked. Alan filmed some pretty insane lines. We also skated a rad old school snake run.

Grundy met back up with us in Canberra!

Then we headed back to Melbourne, the homie Nick let us camp out in his yard. Super rad dude with an epic house to start the morning at too.

We checked out St.Kila or a day, another killer skatepark right on a beach. Tons of really good food and spots near by.

Grundy – Poll Jam a fun ditch in Melbourne that has a few good spots.

Fs poll jam?

Switch Poll Jam 180

Sky Siljeg was getting all crazy.

Youngy’s board went in the water over 5 times.

We spent a few days skating all around Melbourne, then we decided to break the drive up back to Sydney and stop in Canberra again!

We had to stop at the legendary brick bank spot in Canberra. This is the homie Tom Goodlad doing a Bs Liplslide.

This is at the National Museum of Australia. A crazy rug type Architecture.

Another killer spot in the middle of some apartments.

After that it was back to Sydney/Newcastle. Then back home!

Thanks to everyone that help us get around, everyone that let us stay with you. Thanks to skateboarding the most.

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Mashing with Al Brunelle


I’ve been going on a lot of missions up north to skate with Al Brunelle in Santa Clairta, I’M not a big fan of LA, most of the time I hate it. Just because driving 2 hours spot to spot is not fun. Al has it dialed in pretty good though, he drives fast and knows what he wants.

Al in his natural habitat. Thereโ€™s some epic D.I.Y. spots just about 10 minutes from his house, Guy Marino built most of them and kills all of them.

Jared Goulston, Bs Smithish.

Alโ€™s homie Jared Goulston Fs Grinding this jersey, we went back a few days ago and it was all chipped up.

Dezort has been getting in on the session too, heโ€™s living in LA now and heโ€™s super stoked plus motivated to skate whatever is in front of him.

Always paving the way

Al and Drew figuring out the lines at this fun down hill ditch.

Drew Dezort, Bs Pivot.

End of the day here with Truman & Al.

Thanks for having us Brunelle!

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