Currently Mashing: Victor Garibay

Victor Garibay_ portait

Skateboarding is made for fun. Some take it to another level and get truly creative in expressing their originality. Everyone has their own version of fun on a skateboard. Unfortunately most of us fall under the monkey see monkey do version of skateboarding but not Garibay. The spots he skates are sometimes so far out the norm most skaters couldn’t fathom the possibility. He may not get a clip at every spot, thats not his trip. But if Vic has a spot in mind best rest assure something a bit different is about to go down with a little extra pop on top. Your boi Garibay brings it raw and harder than most, yet always down to Earth and fun to be around.

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D.I.Y. Network: Edison Mfg

Edison Mfg is a genuine hand crated leather company made by skateboarder David McKinny.

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So what’s your full name and where are you from?
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Checking-In Cyril Palmer

Cyril is one of those kids you see at the park and think, “damn this shredder is smooth wonder if he could skate the rough streets?” After catching Cyril cruising the park a bunch I figure ask if he wants to roll out and venture the big city. Ended up checking some spots and where ever we went Palmer carried that smooth no effort trickery he gained from countless hours at the skate parks. How else do you acquire this rhythmic flow and butter roll? The last day we kicked it shooting for this interview I found out his grandfather Earl Palmer is one of the most recorded drummers of all time in the R&R Hall of Fame and that his father plays too. Aw, this kid don’t find rhythm at the park, he’s got it in his blood. – Walnum

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Checking In – Trevor Ward

I met Trevor through Chris McDonald when he came down here to San Diego on a mission to shred. He’s got one of the best personality’s you could ask for in a friend, skateboarder, or overall human. Doesn’t give a fuck about the bullshit, straight to the shit that matters. His skating reminds me of Geoff Rowley a little. But his personality is on level with Shane Cross. Dudes on point, basically. Check out this Welcome to Theeve video if you haven’t already. Look forward to seeing more of Trevor and super hyped to have him filming some clips for The Hype Train video.


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Portfolio Check – Brian Fick

Brian Fick has been a inspiration to myself and many others especially in the San Diego region. He never cool guyed anyone or thought of himself higher then us. We (Brandon/Alex Perelson, Josh Stafford, and the rest of us at the Clairemont skatepark) would always watch Brian shred the bowl with these long Backside tailslides, then he would pop out onto the deck and start setting up flashes to shoot photos of people like Peter Hewitt, Darren Navarette, and all the other pros at the time who were also our inspirations and still are to this day. He shot some of the most creative covers of Automatic Magazine back then too, recently married and happy as hell.. couldn’t be any more stoked to see Brain Fick on the board or behind the lens. Regardless he’s gonna destroy it.

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