Bust or Bail – Sports Arena


Thrasher brought the heat last Thursday at San Diego’s iconic Sports Arena trip set. It was epic seeing so many legendary & up-comer skateboarders in one place. The skateboarding was insane. CV loc Tommy Sandoval took home the crown with that Fs Flip. Here’s a few photos from Ian Stribling.
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Hump Day Sequences


Here are some sequences to get you hyped for the hump day skate sesh, if you’re not already out.

Photos: Chris McDonald

Happy birthday to Nick Palmquist! Have fun bowling G!

Aldrin Garcia blasting a boneless 360

Andy Mack and Brendan Keaveny gettin some doubles action on the rail

Jonathan Gagliano winding around to nollie flip

Vincent Luevanos varial heelflip back lipping at J Kwon
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Web Trash – Stroner Plaza

Stoner Plaza, Los Angeles, California, Skatepark, Brian Walnum
Victor Garibay, Switch No-Comply.

Stoner Plaza, Los Angeles, California, Skatepark, Sebo Walke, Tailslide,Brian Walnum
Sebo Walker, Bs Tailslide.

Stoner… what a funny name for a public park. The workers cruise around with their Official Stoner Staff polo shirts, I want one. The middle aged gentleman that typically works the park won’t hesitate to say you need to put your cigarette out but will completely ignore someone rolling a blunt right in front of him. Thats my kind of park. O and if you didn’t know there’s a skate plaza too. My first experience at Stoner was walking into the park and watching Heath back lip the entire rainbow bank, that shit was insane. This place is badass especially if someone like Mr. Kirchart are showing for a sesh. Its got diverse features throughout the park though many wish it had a lil more tranny. I like the noping (no coping) quarter makes for a nice feel and sound when grinding and the street sections have it all to tickle your fancy. Im always seeing the most amazing pros and unknown shredders there not to mention meet some of the coolers down to earth homies. Thanks Stoner.

Stoner Plaza, Los Angeles, California, Skatepark,  Dryan Bowens, Lipslide, Brian Walnum
Dryan Bowens, Switch Lipslide

Adam Bertolet, Backside Tailslide, Brian Walnum
Adam Bertolet, Backside Tailslide

Darren Feather, Crooks, Brian Walnum
Darren Feather, Crooks

Justin Jackman, Frontside Feeble, Brian Walnum
Justin Jackman, Frontside Feeble

Forest Smith, Kickflip, Brian Walnum
Forest Smith, Kickflip

Sam Kingsbury, Frontside Boneless, Brian Walnum
Sam Kingsbury, Frontside Boneless

Justin Figueroa, Noseblunt, Brian Walnum
Justin Figueroa, Noseblunt

Rob Hargreaves, Backside Crail, Brian Walnum
Rob Hargreaves, Backside Crail

Rick Argento, Hurricane, Brian Walnum
Rick Argento, Hurricane

Sam Kingsbury, No-Comply Crailslide, Brian Walnum
Sam Kingsbury, No-Comply Crailslide

Sebo Walker, Backside Ollie, Brian Walnum
Sebo Walker, Backside Ollie

Steve Avina, Backside Tailslide, Brian Walnum
Steve Avina, Backside Tailslide

Marco Gomez, Switch Crooks, Brian Walnum
Marco Gomez, Switch Crooks

Peter Ellis, Noseblunt, Brian Walnum
Peter Ellis, Noseblunt

Peter Ellis, Tailslide, Brian Walnum
Peter Ellis, Tailslide

Cyril Palmer, Hurricane, Brian Walnum
Cyril Palmer, Hurricane

Kevin Scutchfield, Slappy 50-50, Brian Walnum
Kevin Scutchfield, Slappy 50-50

Carson Cornett, Frontside Air, Brian Walnum
Carson Cornett, Frontside Air

Adam Bertolet, Frontside Feeble, Brian Walnum
Adam Bertolet, Frontside Feeble

Adam Bertolet, Varial Heelflip, Brian Walnum
Adam Bertolet, Varial Heelflip

Brett Sube, Lipslide Sw Crooks, Brian Walnum
Brett Sube, Lipslide Sw Crooks

Brett Sube, Lipslide Sw Crooks, Brian Walnum
Marco Gomez, Nollie Tailslide Fs Flip

Rick Argento, Backside Smith, Brian Walnum
Rick Argento, Backside Smith

Rick Argento, Backside Smith, Brian Walnum
Victor Garibay, Ollie

Carson Cornett, Backside Smith, Brian Walnum
Carson Cornett, Backside Smith

Cyril Palmer, Double Flip Bs Tail, Brian Walnum
Cyril Palmer, Double Flip Bs Tail