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Checking-in: Chris Vaughan


Russell Grundy had to make the move back to Newcastle, AUS from San Diego a few years back,

and everyone in SD misses his presents dearly. But Russell recently started a skate shop – Grundy’s Skate Store and that means we’ll be seeing a lot more coming from our favorite OZ. It starts off with this this interview with shop rider and straight street attack assaulter Chris Vaughan.
Interview and photos taken by: Jonathan Jones.

Tell us a few things about your self i.e. were your from and what it was like growing up in Griffith??
Well Griffith was pretty rad, a little town in new south wales and good crew growing up. I would hang out with the older skaters most of the time, I didn’t really hang with the guys from school cause none of them skated. But it got to me when I turned 18 and it was like everyone was doing the same thing week in week out so I packed my bags and moved to Melbourne.


Do you find it hard balancing work with skateboarding as much as you do??
Work is pretty full on! I work in a one-hat restaurant called The Three Blue Ducks as a chef. Some people don’t know what the pressure is like and working 12 to 12 four nights a week takes it out of you but I think it has bettered my skating cause I’m more keen when I go for a roll. Everyone I work with are really nice and the vibe is chilled so I think it’s a perfect balance cause I love my job.

Fs Boardslide off the kink.

What crazy injuries have you had?
Just the ankles holing together some how and I recently broke my left hand which seems to be happening a lot .

What’s it like living in Bondi with the rest of the trendy people?
Everyone seems to be somebody or a model! But I just hang with the boys most of the time at the park or Jellys house right in front of the beach 3rd level over looking Bondi with some beers pretty much doesn’t get better then that.

Keen to jumping down 12 stairs – Fs Smith.

Crooked Grind.

What’s with all the tattoos?
I don’t even know man I just happened one day and I looked in the mirror and I was covered. But I’m pretty into art and the old school side and the meanings behind them. Plus my homie opened up a shop next to the place I worked at in Melbourne and I would go in my lunch break and get a cheeky tatt some of that explains how I have so many cause this went on for two years.

Bs Feeble – Pop out.

Apart from getting crazy on rails what do you like doing in your down time apart from hang out at the node beach??
Well I have a girlfriend so we hang out a lot and try getting out of Bondi as much as we can so art show or dinner somewhere nice is always good to break up the routine.

Fs Smith, right next to The Wall.

What’s next can we hope to see a video part coming anytime soon?
I have a welcome to dickies Oz clip I’m working ATM and I have my own video I’m working on that I have been filming for about 2 year just homie footage from the states and here.


Does your dog Daisy like the fact that your sponsored by Etines?
More chew toys for her. Fuck I woke up one day and she chewed apart my shoes, hats and to top it off pissed on my phone. But what can you do she 6 months old.

Fs 50-50 Straight down.

Were do you see you life going with skateboard over the next few years?
Well I’m hoping to get back to the states this year but other then that just having a good time and taking it as it comes I’m just hyped that people are supporting me in what I love doing.

Frontside Five-O. Photo by: Danny Jenkins

Shout outs?
Aek from Etnies oz, Brieane from Dickies oz, Johnny from The Rat Bags, Russell from Grundys skate shop, Dan from Notorious and co, Royal Aquamarine sunglasses, My friends, Mum, family, girlfriend and Desylva for the amazing camera work ussr.

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