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Checking-In Cyril Palmer

Cyril is one of those kids you see at the park and think, “damn this shredder is smooth wonder if he could skate the rough streets?” After catching Cyril cruising the park a bunch I figure ask if he wants to roll out and venture the big city. Ended up checking some spots and where ever we went Palmer carried that smooth no effort trickery he gained from countless hours at the skate parks. How else do you acquire this rhythmic flow and butter roll? The last day we kicked it shooting for this interview I found out his grandfather Earl Palmer is one of the most recorded drummers of all time in the R&R Hall of Fame and that his father plays too. Aw, this kid don’t find rhythm at the park, he’s got it in his blood. – Walnum

Frontside Hurricane.

Where are you from, where do you live now and where do you want to live in the future?
I was born in Orange County area moved to Lakewood shortly after and stayed there till I was like in the 8th grade. Skated El Darodo park a lot but it wasn’t till I moved to the westside for high school where I kinda quit skating. It wasn’t till like a few years ago when I really figured that this is what I want to do and need to keep doing. I felt like skate boarding was my calling in a way. Now I live in Culver City and in the future I maybe live in Santa Monica or something.

Frontside Smith.

Why did you quit skateboarding for a few years?
I was just getting into high school shit and none of my friends skated. Didn’t really have anyone to skate with and then i got into partying and other stuff like that. Wish I would of stayed on my board for that whole time but I guess my mind was in a different place. Everything happens for a reason I guess and I’m glad that I picked it back up again and was able to still do something with it. A lot of people lose it and lucky for me it wasn’t too bad learning stuff all over again.

Backside Feeble.

What was your first experience with skateboarding?
I remember the first board I got it was one of those Element twig boards for kids I was maybe 8 or 9 at the time. I just skated with the kids on my block but it wasn’t till I started going to the El Darodo where I saw real skaters. I would always see that kid Knoxs right about the time Baker 2g came out. Thats probably the first video I saw.

What influences your lifestyle?
Its really hard to say I’m not even sure what my own style is. I didn’t wanna be like everyone else so I kinda did tricks my own way and skated shit people didn’t expect me to skate. Not saying that for every black kid you expect them to hard flip or grind a ledge I just wanted to be different and stand out I guess. It wasn’t till maybe like a year or two ago when I started hitting tray. But I  love it and felt like I could get more creative with it. Don’t get me wrong l could go down a set and grind a rail but so can everyone else you know I rather just be well rounded I guess.

Tre-flip Bs Tail.

We met at Stoner Park, what do you think of that place?
That we did and Stoner is a awesome park the people are dope and welcoming its just good vibes all around. Like a little family or home away from home. I love everything about that place its not perfect but it shaped me into the skater I am today. If I didn’t skate there like I did I’m not sure if I would still be skating at all its an amazing place to be. And its funny because before I started skating there I couldn’t even do a rock and roll but now the quarter pipe is maybe my favorite thing to skate.

Where you get your rhythm why you look so smooth cruising about Stoner?
Before I skated Stoner I use to skate the Inglewood and sometime the lafayette skatepark too. So all I really knew how to do was skate ledges. When I first skated Stoner I remember seeing Sebo Walker for the first time one of the first dudes I noticed. He flowed the park well and is so well rounded, so I pushed myself to skate everything like him and the rest of the dudes there. Before I skated Stoner I didn’t really know how to skate transition but after watching a few people I was able to get the hang of it. Than i started to get comfortable and was able to get inventive, make up new tricks or do tricks that I haven’t seen people do. And that park has a really nice flow to it you can hit something and keep going till you fall, I love it.

Backside Smith

What is it about skateboarding that you love?
I love that you can get on a board and do what ever you want, its a form of art and you can express it in anyway way that you want. Sometimes people can do one simple move and you can be like Whoa that was Rad or someone can jump off a building and you can think oh that was cool. Its just the way you look at things I guess. The thing that I love about skating the most is that I can be myself and do shit my own way, I never felt so free doing anything else skating is my true love how corny that may sound.

Does your family support that fact that you ride a skateboard during most of your free time?
Now they do but when I was growing up they saw it as a phase they would buy me boards and stuff but they really wanted me to play football or some other lame ass sport. They didn’t really understand the feeling I got from it, its kinda unexplainable but they were supportive the best they could. But as I got older and I kept doing it they started to think is was dumb. Wasn’t till recently where they realized that this is what I wanted to do. I love them and they have helped out a lot.


You work at American Apparel, hows that going, any perks being around that scene?
American Apparel Is a cool place to work the people are all around the same age and are easy to get along with. Its crazy cause I moved out of my parents house into apartment and all the dudes worked at AA. This was maybe 2 years ago and everyone still works for the company some were promoted and others not but we still going strong.

Frontside Rock

Active Santa Monica has been hooking you up, how did that come about?
This kid Gabe was always in there telling me I should skate for them and one day he showed them a few clips of me that he filmed. After that I talked to the team manger and he liked my skating. Everyone up there is cool Damar Will and Lexie are rad. Hopefully more will come from it but till now I’m chillin.

Backside 360

You ever listen to music while you skate or before to hype you up? What kind of music are you into?
It kinda depends on the day, lately i been listening too beach house it calms me down and its really easy to flow around to. But it varies I can listen to anything and skate but most of the time I don’t listen to music just because I like to hear the sounds my board make and everything around me its really cool. 

Front Boardslide Transfer

Wrap this up… working on any projects or goals for 2013, shout outs or thanks?
Well I have a short little part that I’m going to put out that I have had for a while now and I’m over looking at it. Guess its time for the world to see it. And I wanna thank everyone thats had my back in this skateboard thing… Mike Leary for filming and putting up with my strange spots selection, everyone at the Santa Monica Active shop (Damar and Will) for showing me love. Thanks to Byrce Alexander for the gear and the dudes at Eclipse, Ron, Raff and Jeff. Also to everyone I skate with on the daily Mike Prentiss, Peter Ellis, Katsuya Shiratori, Daniel Rimer, Jason Tate, JD Raymond Reed, Victor De Leon, Ryan McDonald, Gabe Flohr, Ross Crane, Hunter Ellis, Matthew Yoakum, Simon Marton, Jordan Palmer, Killian Le Duke,Travis Steinkamp  and a bunch of other people at Stoner skate park. Stoner Locs for life! Also my homies I don’t get to skate with as much that stay in the Valley Guillaume Chau-pech Thomas Ward. These dudes keep me going and you know who you are big thanks to them for keeping me motivated. Can’t forget my parents for making this whole thing possible and for all the help when it came to getting me on my first skateboard.

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