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Checking In – Richard Rincon

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 4.47.00 PM

Victor Garibay checks in Richard Rincon – Talking about chopping rails & the worker’s mans life.

Alright lets get this interview started give me your full name and city you live in?
Richard Rincon , I’m currently residing South Central Los Angeles. But I’m originally from Bell, California.

You originally moved from Bell to one of the worst city’s in the world – South Central. How is it out there, are there any drastic changes?
Yeah, it’s kinda sketchy here. I don’t really walk or ride my board or bike at all in my neighborhood. I’ll just drive if I need to get to the store and stuff. 

Backside Smith.

Is the hype true do you hear gunshots at night?
Haha I haven’t heard any yet.

Ok so enough about South Central. How long have you been skating and does it ever get in the way of your normal  job?
I’ve been skating since I was in middle school so it’s been a while. But the past 5 years it’s been only weekends and a couple of park sessions at night after work. I have such a crappy work schedule that it doesn’t allow me to skate as often as I used to.

Boardslide through the kink

So in other words your job gets in the way of your skateboarding. How do you manage to balance out a full time job, skateboarding, and filming other skateboarders?
Yeah that’s a good way of putting it. I’m not even sure, I basically have to pre-plan most of my days, almost like a schedule. I try to devote my weekends strictly for skating and filming. I’ll have to admit that it gets a little stressful at times.


Sounds like you got a lot going on! So much stuff that you get panic attacks at a session at any-time how does it feel to have a panic attack and not know what to do?
Haha, oh man! Yeah, I’ve randomly got this bad anxiety thing going on and I freak out sometimes. It usually happens a lot when I’m hung over. It feels like I’m having a heart attack I guess. It’s really uncontrollable and there’s been a couple of doctor visits because of it. I’ve kinda freaked out my friends a couple of times but I’m slowly learning how to control it.

Sounds really scary – having a panic attack. Is that the worst thing that’s happen to you on a skate session or you had worst?
Yeah, besides the usual injuries that come with skating that has definitely been the worst feeling.

Crook up. Photo: McDonald (All the rest by Garibay)

Do you have any goals for 2013?
Move out to a nicer neighborhood that’s for sure. Gonna try to get some more skating done and filming and just go with the flow.

I hear Ty Evans hits you up to cut kinks of rails how did that come about and how did you get the nickname “koolcutter”?
Haha I’ve met him through Oscar Meza.  Oscar’s  brought me out on some of his sessions and I’ve been de-knobbing rails and cutting off kinks lately. Just a fun thing to do when it’s almost the end of the day or when it’s a mellow skate day. So we went to this rail I had just cut and Ty was kinda stoked  I’ve been doing that and he would recommend some stuff to me and I would cut it on my spare time. So that’s just what he calls me haha. I’m just stoked I’ve gotten to be on some of those sessions with Ty so far. It’s definitely a big deal for me. 

Hurricane pop into the bank.

So we should call you koolcutter instead of Richard. Anyway, lets wrap this interview up do you have any last words?
Yeah i just wanna thank 3043 Board Shop, Javi Lopez, Mainline, My Girlfriend Andrea, you for coming out and shooting all these cool photos and dowdy for hooking it up with an interview………

2 thoughts on “Checking In – Richard Rincon

  • November 18, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    Way to go vatos, y’all do your thang!!

  • November 29, 2013 at 6:21 am

    dope, the homies killing it!


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