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CPH / Sweden – Mash With Us


Chris Russell and myself have been having a blast here, complete freestyle mode. Here’s part 2 of our photos from the Mash With Us euro mission. We met a few friends in Denmark and hyped up camping in Sweden, so that’s exactly what we did!!! (Sorry for all the touristy photos)
We decided to go to CPH skatepark again since we got rained out the first time.

Chris was mashing grinds through this over vert like it was no problem.

Denmark has such rad architecture

Get this beer in Denmark, load up. Before coming to Sweden (lower alch volume)

The train ride to Malmo begins! Thanks to Ben for taking us on the local route, MASH WITH US! Proper effect.

The bridge that connects Copenhagen to Malmo

Sibbarp Skatepark we arrive! The coast of Sweden ( in Malmo ) – such a fucking rad wallride!

Real unique park

It’s hard to remember everyone’s name on here, but this homie is originally from Chicago but has been living in Denmark for a few years now. Fs Grind.

The sun went down, we started to Q it up, drink beers and get weird.

This is where I slept, pretty good speed bump made a solid pillow.

Dan got super wasted and thought it would be funny to poor the entire trash and 2 bikes on top of Chris Russell while he was sleeping, his right – it was fucking hilarious. Morning clean up was a lot harder.

Toy Machine saving my feet

The skatepark is literally right on this awesome beach. (That doesn’t have waves)

Yup, we’re in Sweden!

Morning dunk in the water was prime!!!

Then we headed out to Stapelbäddsparken where Ultra Bowl will be taking place.

Fellow back packers

First run was a bit harsh.

The new stuff at Stapel.

Chris Russell Fs Boneless

These things are still pretty big in Sweden.

The best soda in the world!!

Instagraming the insta

Russell mania with a tailgrab nosepike.

Then we hit Steppin Side where Chris got a few rad tricks and I had a little fun myself!!

Back to the coast, a Swedish homie we met – Henry it letting us stay with him, MASH WITH US!!!!

2 thoughts on “CPH / Sweden – Mash With Us

  • August 13, 2013 at 8:03 am

    Rad Zach, keeping skateboarding real! If you guys can make it down to Hamburg after the Ultra Bowl, we’ve got quite a few good spots and bowls in town!


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