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Mashing SD – July 2014


The summer is in full swing, lately I’ve just been staying around town and trying to skate as many local spots as possible.

Vert Dog and Street Tech figuring out how to skate this Euro gap in Santee.

While Truman decided to air out his feet, seemed like an approbate time.

Brendan Keaveny plot and planning something

Started it out with a quick 50-50.

Then hammer time started

This is Al Brunelle I call him “Big Al” not sure if he likes it or not, but his so fucking down for skating everything it’s awesome. Making regular trips down to SD from Santa Clarita lately.

While Chris McDonald set up his flashes for this photo, I poached the sexy beast.

One day we (Myself and Al) hit up the good ol’ Pala. This corner Bs Boneless was one of many tricks landed.

Back under the bridge with nice shade

Fs Blunt on this parking curb from a recent art show

Chris Russell is working hard on a few projects right now, here he’s debating a gnarly transfer.

The first few trys were scary as fuck to watch.

After he landed one the gnarliest tricks to ever go down over the WSVT channel Chris did this gap Fs Nosegrind Tailgrab with ease.

Brandon still never falls, Invert.

Back at the pad, James Truesdale came down for a few days to finish up “Take The 8 East” with me.

Mandatory push around the city, had to stop and snap a photo of this epic regular viewing.

Back up north to Carlsbad and Packy was poking some Fs Feebles.

Stafford and Munroe doubled up Bs Smiths on a 100 degree day.

Back down south and I found a B.A.K.U member skating Truman’s jersey spot.

Figured why not stay and see if anything happens after sun-down.

Meanwhile some homies through a surprise party for Jesse Corbett’s birthday

Andrew Green goes Bs Sweeping

Dolan takes it Frontside.

While BK landed about 20 of this dark stalls?

Andrew does a Judo, on 3 feet.

Headed out east again with Coogan for some golf course ditch fun. No-Comply Tailslide.

And ended our day here.

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