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Posted by Zack Dowdy on Jan 3 in "News"

First off, Thanks to everyone who made it to our 2 year anniversary. There was a ton of rad art from Connor Getzlaff as well as some killer prints from Brian Walnum pasted on wood.

The ramp session was going off! Right from the get go, we barely had time to set-up. Around 3pm some heavy hitters started to roll in. By 5 the bowl was packed. Deck/Lurker room was very limited. If someone bailed or popped out you were sure that at-least 3 people were dropping in at the same time directly after. Just how Typical Culture likes it: Rowdy, Loud and Fast!!

Ft. Jeff Ward, Cano Cardenas, Destroyer, David Mckinney, Brad Herrera, Connor "Skooter" Getzlaff, Josh Mattson, Kevin Burke, Cory Juneau, Jonathan Abernathy, Sky Siljeg, Chris Russell, Anthony DiStefano, Josh Borden, Tom Remillard, Chaz Pineda, Wes Kremer, Brandon Perelson, And a couple names we forgot.

Special thanks to Sector 9 for letting us blow-out the Bread Bowl and have such a heavy ramp session, we really couldn't of found a better spot in San Diego. Also thanks to Pacific Drive & Route 44 for the support all year long.

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