No Brainer filming in SD

Some of the L.A. Homies came down to get some footage for their new video “No Brainer”
Photos By: Chris McDonald

no brainer, oscar meza, chris mcdonald, skateboard video
The Bloody Nose Ballerina crew @ Chicano

Carlos Marquetti, tailslide frontside flip, no brainer
Carlos Marquetti – tailslide frontside flip (kickflip to fakie)

Carlos Marquetti, frontside flip
Carlos Marquetti – frontside flip

Sergio Verg, filming in SD
Sergio Verg filming


Alex Valdez,front grind
Alex Valdez – front grind

JJ Rice , tailslide
JJ Rice – tailslide

Alex Valdez, ollie
Alex Valdez – ollie

JJ , had car troubles
JJ had car troubles

 JJ Rice, crooked grind, skateboarding, san diego
JJ Rice – crooked grind

Alex Valdez,tic tac grind? haha I don't know what that's called
Alex Valdez – tic tac grind?

some random chick celebrating her birthday
some random chick celebrating her birthday

The Concorde

ended the trip w/ a front grind by, Alex Valdez
Eended the trip w/ a front grind by Alex Valdez

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