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Orchard Street D.I.Y. Files


Sometimes you go for it. You just say “Fuck it” regardless of all the consequences, pain, or disappointment. Ivery Turner has built these small and very fun D.I.Y. spots in Ocean Beach for years. So when he mentioned trying to build the Orchard St spot again it was no surprise to me.

Just in time for our @SkateDiy Week Instagram take-over we squeezed it in. Built & skated within 3 hours. Ivery decided to use some mortar concrete mix sense we knew the spot wasn’t going to last long. Surprisingly it actually did better then expected, lasted about 3 days until the police shut it down. But a good amount of San Diego’s skaters were able to session it at least once in those few days.

I took the photos above within the life of Orchard St version 2.0. footage will be in the next Typical Culture video.

Thanks to all the homies that showed up to help build & skate: Ivery Turner, Josh Stafford, Malky, Tom Remillard, Chris Coogan, Michael Morris, Spencer Prati, and Chris LaRue.

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