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Photo-Issue #17

Travis Erickson, Ollie, Tadashi, Photo, Skate
Travis Erickson, Ollie. Photo: Tadashi

Dylan Messer, Skater, Boardslide, Photo, Mikery Gould
Dylan Messer, Boardslide. Photo: Mikey Gould

Jesse Plumb, Heelflip, Photo, Aaron Forjan
Jesse Plumb, Heelflip. Photo: Aaron Forjan

JD Palmer, Ollie, Photo, Justin Guthrie
JD Palmer, Ollie. Photo: Justin Guthrie

Danny Crave, Fs 180, Photo, Robert Skelton
Danny Crave, Fs 180. Photo: Robert Skelton

Shane Cox, Blunt Fakie, Photo, Brian Walnum
Shane Cox, Blunt Fakie. Photo: Brian Walnum

Ted Hunter, Kickflip, Photo, Nick Adams
Ted Hunter, Kickflip. Photo: Nick Adams

Josh Malthus, Fs Air, Photo, Rich Bayley
Josh Malthus, Fs Air. Photo: Rich Bayley

Jesse Doan, Fs Feeble Pop-out, Photo, Ali Yaqubian
Jesse Doan, Fs Feeble Pop-out. Photo: Ali Yaqubian

Corey Duplantis, Crook Pop-over, Photo, Lucas Madel
Corey Duplantis, Crook Pop-over. Photo: Lucas Madel

Derek Elmendorf, Bs 5050, Photo, Andrew Durso
Derek Elmendorf, Bs 5050. Photo: Andrew Durso

Kirksy, Fs Noseslide, Photo, Brendan Klein
Kirksy, Fs Noseslide. Photo: Brendan Klein

Victor Garibay, Fs Tailslide, Photo, Brian Walnum
Victor Garibay, Fs Tailslide. Photo: Brian Walnum

Colin Provost, Tucknee, Photo, Carlos Jaramillo
Colin Provost, Tucknee. Photo: Carlos Jaramillo

Levi Faust, Kickflip, Photo, Chris Swainston
Levi Faust, Kickflip. Photo: Chris Swainston

Ryan Sherman, Car-Bar Crooked, Photo, Cody Lisch
Ryan Sherman, Car-Bar Crooked. Photo: Cody Lisch

Vinnie Mango, Nosegrind, Photo, Eddie Liddy
Vinnie Mango, Nosegrind. Photo: Eddie Liddy

Matty Hunt, Bs Smith, Photo, Eric Palozzolo
Matty Hunt, Bs Smith. Photo: Eric Palozzolo

Josh Barclay, Ollie Over, Photo, Jack Wickersham
Josh Barclay, Ollie Over. Photo: Jack Wickersham

Chad Puhalj, Bs Nosegrind, Photo, Nick Adams
Chad Puhalj, Bs Nosegrind. Photo: Nick Adams

Steven Reeves, Bs Disaster, Photo, Tadashi
Steven Reeves, Bs Disaster. Photo: Tadashi

Zac Dugo, Boardslide, Photo, Terry Hamilton
Zac Dugo, Boardslide. Photo: Terry Hamilton

Gordon Durlin, Pole Jam Fakie, Photo, Ali Yaqubian
Gordon Durlin, Pole Jam Fakie. Photo: Ali Yaqubian

Anthony Barone, Fs 180, Photo, Andrew Durso
Anthony Barone, Fs 180. Photo: Andrew Durso

Ricky Holderby, Fs Rock, Photo, Austin Mayer
Ricky Holderby, Fs Rock. Photo: Austin Mayer

Ronson Lambert, Ollie, Photo, Brian Walnum
Ronson Lambert, Ollie. Photo: Brian Walnum

Chestoni, Drop-in, Photo, Carlos Jaramillo
Chestoni, Drop-in. Photo: Carlos Jaramillo

Dirk Mormon, Fs Rock, Photo, Chris Swainston
Dirk Mormon, Fs Rock. Photo: Chris Swainston

Dylan Witkin, Bs Lip, Photo, Cody Lisch
Dylan Witkin, Bs Lip. Photo: Cody Lisch

Joe Krok, Fakie Mash, Photo, Eddie Liddy
Joe Krok, Fakie Mash. Photo: Eddie Liddy

Cody Hodge, Bs Tailslide, Photo, Ali Yaqubian
Cody Hodge, Bs Tailslide. Photo: Ali Yaqubian

Eddie Embry, Fs Noseslide, Photo, Andrew Durso
Eddie Embry, Fs Noseslide. Photo: Andrew Durso

Eddie Embry, Fs Noseslide, Photo, Andrew Durso
Aidan Campbell, Fs Feeble. Photo: Cody Lisch

Zac Dugo, Fs Feeble, Photo, Terry Hamilton
Zac Dugo, Fs Feeble. Photo: Terry Hamilton

Addie Toelkes, Nollie Fs Heelflip, Photo, Jack Wickersham
Addie Toelkes, Nollie Fs Heelflip. Photo: Jack Wickersham

Marcus Carr, Fs Blunt, Photo, Aaron Forjan
Marcus Carr, Fs Blunt. Photo: Aaron Forjan

Oscar Meza, Bs Smith Bs Fli, Photo, Andrew Durso
Oscar Meza, Bs Smith Bs Flip. Photo: Andrew Durso

Charlie Balir, Kickflip, Photo, Brian Walum
Charlie Balir, Kickflip. Photo: Brian Walum

Aidan Campbell, Nosepick, Photo, Cody Lisch
Aidan Campbell, Nosepick. Photo: Cody Lisch

Justin Walters, Fs Boardslide, Photo, Jack Wickersham
Justin Walters, Fs Boardslide. Photo: Jack Wickersham

Kyle Jabukowicz, Ollie, Photo, Terry Hamilton
Kyle Jabukowicz, Ollie. Photo: Terry Hamilton

Brendon Villanueva, Kickflip Fs Boardslide, Photo, Andrew Durso
Brendon Villanueva, Kickflip Fs Boardslide. Photo: Andrew Durso

Jason Crowell, Impossible, Photo, Brian Walnum
Jason Crowell, Impossible. Photo: Brian Walnum

Levi Faust, Noseblunt, Photo, Chris Swainston
Levi Faust, Noseblunt. Photo: Chris Swainston

Aidan Campbell, Hurricane, Photo, Cody Lisch
Aidan Campbell, Hurricane. Photo: Cody Lisch

Colton Luttrell, Bs 360, Photo, Jack Wickersham
Colton Luttrell, Bs 360. Photo: Jack Wickersham

James Fransz, Tre Flip, Photo, Andrew Durso
James Fransz, Tre Flip. Photo: Andrew Durso

Dylan Messer, Wallie, Photo, Brian Walnum
Dylan Messer, Wallie. Photo: Brian Walnum

Daniel Vargas, Fs Air, Photo, Cody Lisch
Daniel Vargas, Fs Air. Photo: Cody Lisch

Colton Luttrell, Bs Tailslide, Photo, Jack Wickersham
Colton Luttrell, Bs Tailslide. Photo: Jack Wickersham

Kyle Robarge, Bs Feeble, Photo, Andrew Durso
Isaha Beh, Noseslide Body-Varial Fakie. Photo: Chris Swainston

Kyle Robarge, Bs Feeble, Photo, Andrew Durso
Kyle Robarge, Bs Feeble. Photo: Andrew Durso

Josh Tran, Krooked Grind, Photo, Jack Wickersham
Josh Tran, Krooked Grind. Photo: Jack Wickersham

Cuddles, Fakie-Flip, Photo, Chris Swainston
Cuddles, Fakie-Flip. Photo: Chris Swainston

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