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Photo-Issue #22

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.12.14 AM

Twenty Two issue’s deep. Some of these photos didn’t make the cut for the zine issue #5. Some are just so damn good, we wanted to share them directly to the web right away. Tons of killer shots taken by Austin Squire, Chris McDonald, Ben Kilapatrick, Chris Swainston, Brian Walnum, Adam Small, Ben Clemens, and more!

Brendan Keaveny, Frontside 50-50. Photo: Austin Squire

jj rice, skate, chris mcdonald, pivot fakie
JJ Rice, Pivot Fakie. Photo: Chris McDonald

gil marin
Gil Marin, Frontside Feeble. Photo: Adam Small

luis sedano, wsvt, air
Luis Sedano, Crail Air. Photo: Ben Clemens

sean mcmahon
Sean McMahon, Bs Ollie. Photo: Blake Jablonski

mikey grey
Mikey Grey, Nollie. Photo: Chris McDonald

Ben Johnson, Bs Boneless. Photo: Brandon Greer

charlie balir, blunt fakie, brian walnum
Charlie Blair, Blunt Fakie. Photo: Brian Walnum

brophy, skate
Colin Brophy, 50-50 Slappy. Photo: Chris Swainston

truman hooker, fs grind
Truman Hooker, Frontside Grind. Photo: Chris McDonald

jacon hayes
Jacob Hayes, Backside 180. Photo: Daniel Lawson

chris larue, skate, pacific drive, lurkville
Chris LaRue, Slappy to Backside Tailslide. Photo: Austin Squire

jody cowan
Jody Cowan, Feeble Fakie. Photo: Adam Small

levi faust
Levi Faust, Frontside Boardslide. Photo: Chris Swainston

CJ Kelly
C.J. Kelly, Impossible. Photo: Eli Potter

trevor ward
Trevor Ward, Kickflip Fakie. Photo: Chris McDonald

Chris Coogan, Switch Backside Tailslide. Photo: Ben Kilapatrick

David Mar, Crook. Photo: Chris Swainston

matty hunt
Matty Hunt, Kickflip. Photo: Ryan Young

jj rice
JJ Rice, Tailslide. Photo: Chris McDonald

nick blanco
Nick Blanco, Kickflip Backside Tailslide. Photo: Adam Small

brendan keaveny, lurkville
Brendan Keaveny, Nosepick. Photo: Austin Squire

lizard king
Lizard King, Push. Photo: Chris Swainston

brandon perelson, welcome, skateboards
Brandon Perelson, Texas-Plant. Photo: Stas Yamnitskiy

Andy Patterson, 5050, terry hamilton
Andy Patterson, 50-50. Photo: Terry Hamilton

Chad Fernandez, 50-50. Photo: Chris Swainston

danny boy, frozen skateboards
Daniel Taylor, Frontside Big-spin. Photo: Chris McDonald

ben dun, skate
Ben Dun, Nollie Backside Heel. Photo: Zachary Peightal

vinny, austin squire, photo
Vinny, Frontside Boardslide pop out. Photo: Austin Squire

terence perkins
Terence Perkins, Frontside Noseblunt. Photo: Adam Small

joe perry
Joe Peery, Gap Frontside Boardslide. Photo: Cooper Larson

Alex Valdez, Frontside Smith. Photo: Chris McDonald

chris larue
Chris LaRue, Hippy-Jump 360 Flip. Photo: Austin Squire

colin brophy
Colin Brophy, Wallie. Photo: Chris Swainston

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