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Photo-Issue #24


Twenty Four – issues deep into this Photo series. Featuring some San Diego shredding and other areas as well. With master lens work from Austin Squire, Patrick Westman, Dan Sparrow, Nick Weber, and more. The weather is getting hot – let those early & sunset sessions begin!

Dolan Stearns, Hurricane. Photo: Austin Squire

Woogie, Bs Lipslide. Photo: Patrick Westman

Brendan Keaveny, Bs Flip. Photo: Dowdy

Shea Cooper, Fs Feeble. Photo: Austin Squire

Zacc Connell, Wallride. Photo: Dan Sparrow

Vinny Dalffito, Layback Grind. Photo: Dowdy

Maurice Jordan, Ollie. Photo: Nick Weber

Nick Saurez, Boardslide. Photo: Austin Squire

Chris Russell, Eggplant. Photo: Dowdy

Falco Baltys, Fs Noseblunt. Photo: Dayne Brummet

Jake Reuter, Tailblock. Photo: Dowdy

Roshon Stocker, Bs Bluntslide. Photo: Falco Baltys

Simon Lyddiard, Fs Noseslide. Photo: Dan Sparrow

Simon Lyddiard, 50-50. Photo: Dan Sparrow

Nathen “Zpuds” Zahra, Bs Lipslide. Photo: Dan Sparrow

Levi Moore, Impossible. Photo: Dan Sparrow

Drew Verdugo, Nosegrind. Photo: Austin Squire

Andy Klein, Fs Ollie. Photo: William Steinley

Aaron Baugh, Nollie Back Tail. Photo: Nick Weber

Jayden Williams, Ollie. Photo: Nick Weber

Mario Realegeno, Kickflip. Photo: Nick Weber

Truman Hooker, Fs Smith. Photo: Austin Squire

Woogie, Fs Heel. Photo: Patrick Westman

Brendan Keaveny, Tailslide. Photo: Austin Squire

Q Perez, Ollie Crook. Photo: Austin Squire

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