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Photo-Issue: #23


It’s been while since we’ve posted our “Photo-Issue” feature, we have been working on the zine and everything else it gets tough sometimes to squeeze it all in. But enough excuses here’s the newest issue! Featuring photos from SD photographers: Austin Squire, Brian Walnum, Ben Clemens, Patrick Westman, myself (Not really considered a photographer) along with photo-g’s: Nick Weber, Eddie Liddy and Tim Dodson.


Fletcher Eidum, Nosegrind. Photo: Nick Weber

kevin love
Kevin Love, Boardslide. Photo: Ben Clemens

tyrone olson, skateboarding, brian walnum, route 44
Tyrone Olson, Ally-op Wallride. Photo: Brian Walnum

dolan stearns, lurville, carlsbad, alga norte, skatepark
Dolan Stearns, Ollie. Photo: Zack Dowdy

drew verdugo, skateboarding, austin squire, photo, medium
Drew Vurdugo, Wallie Bs Tailslide. Photo: Austin Squire

creature, luis sedano, air, skateboarding
Luis Sedano, Bs Method. Photo: Patrick Westman

Aaron Baugh_bsollie_web
Aaron Baugh, Backside Ollie. Photo: Nick Weber

Kevin Shealy, Boardslide. Photo: Ben Clemens

jordan mourning, skateboarding, slappys, route 44, noseblunt
Jordan Mourning, Fs Noseblunt. Photo: Patrick Westman

Shaun Ross, Stalefish. Photo: Zack Dowdy

Q Perez, Bs Tailslide. Photo: Austin Squire

skreech, dragon slayer, skateboarding, pools
Skreech, Mute. Photo: Nick Weber

Jose Trevino, Invert Disaster. Photo: Zack Dowdy

andrew hawley, fs flipm, ohio, eddie liddy
Andrew Hawley, Fs Lipslide. Photo: Eddie Liddy

Toby Valverde, Switch 50-50. Photo: Tim Dodson

Anthony Parisi, Five-O. Photo: Tim Dodson

Trevor Ward, 360 Flip – Hill bomb. Photo: Zack Dowdy

truman hooker, creature, csfu, skateboarding, diy, skate spot
Truman Hooker, Fs Grind. Photo: Austin Squire

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