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Portfolio Check – Austin Squire


The first time I met Austin “Stone” Squire was with Truman Hooker, Tru was living with Austin at that time. The first few times we hung out we weren’t skating at all, I thought maybe he was just another burnout stoner (Sorry dude). Then one day I remember seeing him at the skatepark just mashing around with a sick style – that “I don’t care if you like it” stee, and I love it. Fast forward and I realized he wasn’t just a chiller – he’s a very talented skateboarder as well as graphic designer, oh and a insanely good photographer. He’s just another productive visual creator that’s good at everything he has passion for, sorry for calling you a Stoner stone

So where are you from, what’s your age, and how long have you been shooting for?

Born in Santa Monica about 23 years ago. Grew up skating all over Los Angeles, but spent a lot of time learning the ropes at the SM sand gaps and West LA Courthouse.When I was younger I met a photographer named Taylor Fitz-Gibbon and got really stoked on the way his skate photos turned out. I was about 15 and couldn’t afford my own real photo gear, so I just took photos with this Canon PowerShot point and shoot for a few years. Pretty surprised I was able to take some decent skate photos with that thing. I wish it still worked, but I still hang on to it just because it was the spark for me taking photos.

What’s your weapon of choice? How do you snap & flash?

My weapon of choice is definitely a fresh 8.5 with indy 149’s and some 54mm wheels. Been stepping up the overall size of my board recently because theres just more room to work with and bigger wheels get going so much faster. As for shooting photos – I got my Canon 7D in 2010. I’ve had it for a while now and it still works fine. If I had the choice I would upgrade to a newer and better camera, but theres always new shit coming out. I really don’t care as long as the stuff I have is still working for me.

You’re down for getting on both sides of the lens, how do you feel about those skate photographers that never step foot on a board?

Some people just stick to what they know, maybe its in their best intention to not risk getting hurt. But it’s fucking rad when you see a filmer or photographer is able to switch it up and shred in front of the lens rather than just behind it, it just kinda shows that they have skateboarding in their roots and not just hanging around all day expecting someone else to jump off a building.

Would you say creating a visual documentation was something you started after skating or around the same time? Did that give you any type of advantage or dis-advantage?

I was skating for many years before I picked up a camera, but I always had an interest in documenting whatever was going on. Growing up, a lot of times there was just a filmer, the homies were shredding and I really wanted to capture some photos of the shit going down. Nowadays I’m kind of torn in two when were at a sick spot that I want to skate, but also want to take photos of the tricks that my friends are throwing down.

You’ve been roomies with Truman for years at times, what’s it like? Organized chaos or/and straight craft manning at all times!?

Pooman is out of his mind. Its hard to believe some of the shit he’s done on and off a skateboard. Definitely an inspiration for me over the years. As for living with him, lets just say his raw skate style translates into the way he lives. He has no problem wearing the same socks for a week straight and then leaving them on the coffee table while he eats an egg mcmuffin right next to them.

Is your part from “Fuck This Video” by Vinny going to be online anytime soon? What about the rest of the video?

I hope Vindog uploads the whole video online soon. There’s so much footage that really needs to be seen. Its been a while, but everyones busy with their own shit these days so its hard to make things happen. We got another video in the works, but at this rate the new one will probably be finished even before FTV is online.

Everyone seems to create their own guidelines to taking a bad ass skate photo, what would you say yours are? You have any ground breaking tips for the next up and comer?

No ground breaking tips, I’m still learning stuff every time I take my gear out. Thats whats fun for me, its a whole learning process. Every spot and trick has numerous ways to capture it. Whenever we’re at a spot I love to think about all the possibilities of where to shoot from, its just tough when people do their tricks so quickly and you still want to try another angle. If someones getting close to landing a trick you gotta just pick your composition and stick with it.

What’s your take on the whole NikeSB Corporation’s in skateboarding?

The only pair of NikeSB’s I’ve ever had I got for free, never wore them, and sold them on ebay 3 years later for 80 bucks. So that was chill, but I don’t plan on spending 100 bucks on shoes to skate in. I feel like its inevitable when a culture starts getting recognized, the corporate world can have a piece if they want it, but in the end we have a choice to support it or not.

Have you ever had any published photos, if so what one got you juiced the most?

Only a few, here and there. I’d like to get more out there but the politics is just super hard to get into. Honestly I was probably the most stoked on my first photo ever printed in anything – the front blunt photo of T-Spliff in the print issue #2 of TC. That was right when I got a good camera and could shoot more skate photos. I was so hyped I got to contribute something.

What’s in store for the future stone man?

Stone man doesn’t know the answer to that one. He just plans to keep doing what he’s doing for as long as he can. Hopefully he will be more involved with skateboarding in the future, but for now he just wants to do what he loves, and learn as much as he can.

Do you have any thank-you’s or fuck-you’s?
The list never ends. Grateful for all my friends and everyone that ever helped me out. Theres so many positive people I’ve had the experience of hanging out with, if I listed some of them, I’d be bummed if i missed someone. Thanks for reading this far.

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