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Portfolio Check – Eric Palozzolo

Eric Palozzolo, Intro, Interview, Zack Dowdy, Lowcard, Photos, Photographer, Eric, Palozzolo
Skate photo: Eby. Portrait: Adrian Mallory

So your from somewhere in Illinois right?
I am from Lindenhurst, Illinois its the North burbs of Chicago.

Eric Palozzolo, Ollie, Abbas Glass, Photo Lowcard, Photos, Photographer, Eric, Palozzolo
Abbas Glass, Ollie.

How was it going up there? What got you hyped on skateboarding?
Growing up there was interesting to say the least. Good people, great food, but the landscape was flat as a board. No hills = no powerslides. I got hyped on skating when I was about 12. I grew up visiting my father in a trailer park in Wheeling, IL and that’s where I met a group of friends who skated. They hooked me up with an old Toy Machine monster logo deck. I just wanted to push around and kick it with them. At that time it wasn’t about the tricks it was about being with the homies

Eric Palozzolo, Interview, Adrian Mallory, Lowcard, Photos, Photographer, Eric, Palozzolo
Adrian Mallory, Noseblunt bonk.

So you parents were separated when you were young, mine too. Did you parents ever try to motivate you to do things that you didn’t want to? Like working in a cubical.
I lived with my mom and spent every other weekend with my dad. My mom was into whatever I was into, she supported me as long as I was being "Safe" and "Building a future". She didn’t seem too bummed when I dropped out of college to move to California. I just couldn’t take another Winter with 31 inches of snow in 3 months, it was too depressing. I think my mom liked the idea of me going West to "chase a dream" as she would say.

Eric Palozzolo, Daniel DuBois, Skateboarding, Skate, Lowcard, Photos, Photographer, Eric, Palozzolo
Daniel DuBois, Bs Smith.

Was photography something you picked up young or did you get into it later?
I started shooting photos towards the end of high school. One day while I was out skating with my homie Nathan I tore my ACL ollieing a gap. I didn’t want to just bail on skating and all my friends, so to stay in the loop I started taking photos of them while they skated. Time passed and I was able to skate again but I had developed a passion for photography and the arts.

Tearing an ACL is a serious injury, do you have any advise for someone who has to go through the same healing process, what besides photography inspired you to keep going?
My advice to anyone with a torn ACL or major injury is to not give up on skating. It’s okay to be bummed, but remember that in a couple months you will be out and about doing your thing, and in a few more months you’ll be bombin hills and doing kickflips like the old days. Photography, skate videos, reading ACL recovery stories are all things that kept me chillin. Of course I still kicked it with my skate homies, watched what they would film and talk shit about it haha.

Eric Palozzolo, Matty Hunt, Ollie, Skateboarding, Skate, Lowcard, Photos, Photographer, Eric, Palozzolo
Matty Hunt, Ollie.

So you got into photography right out of High School, were did that take you? Where you always the traveling inspired type or did that come later?

Photography has been so good to me and made me so happy. When I first moved to the Bay Area I worked so many different jobs doing the most random shit related to photography. One Summer I worked at the Giants ball park (before they won the World Series) taking photos of the fans and stupid stuff like that, but it was tight because all the venders would hook us up with food and ice cream.

I was raised traveling. My father was fisherman, he fished a few contest when he was about my age (25), so growing up we would camp everywhere. We fished a lot of lakes and rivers all over Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. My mother was into family trips, I remember we would all gather up and drive to different parts of the U.S. stopping in small towns for some legit home style food. This lifestyle rubbed off on me as I got older. If my friends and I knew it was going to be a rainy day at home we would decide to leave early the next morning for an 8 hour drive to Fort Wayne, IN to go skate, make a day trip out of it. Skate all day, leave after dinner, get home super late and sleep it out.

Eric Palozzolo, Tailslide, Max Van Aren, Skateboarding, Skate, Lowcard, Photos, Photographer, Eric, Palozzolo
Max Van Aren, Fs Tailslide.

Making 8 hour drives for a few hours of skating is what I would call dedication. So it wasn’t long after college when you decided to make the move to SF, did you study photography? Also why did you decide on SF instead of anywhere else?
I studied at a community college in my home town for about two and half years, I think. I took all the photo classes I could then I bounced! S.F. wasn’t the plan from the start, it was actually my first time in California the day I moved there. Initially I was on my way to Washington for an internship but I stayed the night in Oakland with some really close homies and they changed my mind on everything I was doing on the west coast. I ended up staying in Oakland the next day, missed my Grayhound and from then on out I called the Bay Area home.

Eric Palozzolo, Boardslide, Vince Duran, Skateboarding, Skate, Lowcard, Photos, Photographer, Eric, Palozzolo
Vince Duran, Bs Boardslide.

So you moved to San Francisco and eventually started working for Lowcard, along with all the other gigs. Tell me how that situation came up.
I dont really know? I just started emailing Rob with my photos, like everyone else does until one day he started using some. Then something like a year later Shamanski and I are submitting some photos or bugging Rob about some gear we wanted ha and Rob said, "just so know I’m putting your names in the staff section of the magazine (laugh) but I don’t really know what that means". Lowcard’s pretty fuckin tight.

Rob (Collinson) has to be a rad person to travel with, you have some cool stories from a Lowcard trip?
Rob is the man. On the way down to AZ am contest last year we packed the van with homies and product to dip to the desert. The first night we camped….lowcard style. After two hours of sitting in traffic on the great concert highway Rob see’s a frontage road and pulls off the highway. It’s pitch black, dude drives down this rocky road for a bit then just stops behind a small hill (to help block the van) and he’s like, "here it is". No one really brought tents, the ones they did were kinda trief. Someone slept on the roof of the van, I caught the back seat and everyone else either had a tent or made one out of who knows what they found in the van. After "camp" was set up it was time for warm beers and some fried hot dogs. The best part was in the morning we were in this sick out back style zone. Just barged it, it was sick.

Eric Palozzolo, Tailslide, Sean Cullen, Skateboarding, Skate, Lowcard, Photos, Photographer, Eric, Palozzolo
Sean Cullen, Bs Tailslide.

I like these E.P. edits you have been making for Lowcard, what motivated you to start filming and what do you film with?
I filmed those with a Panasonic Dvx100b, but recently I sold it in order to by an HD camera. There isn’t a lot of video dudes in S.F. I was skating with some sick dudes, we would find a spot and want to go shoot a photo but the age old problem would arise, there was no one to film it which meant they wouldn’t want to go get anything done. So i got a camera. Boom, two birds one stone or something to that effect.

Eric Palozzolo, Dylan James, Heel Monster Skateboarding, Skate, Lowcard, Photos, Photographer, Eric, Palozzolo
Dylan James, Heel Monster.

The weather gets rough out in the midwest, surely there’s ton of skateboarders that want to make it out here. What are your words of wisdom to making that dream happen be?
SAVE YOUR MONEY! GET A JOB! DONT BE LAZY! cause really though, it sucks in the snow and Cali’s got avocados all day, everyday. lifes pretty good.

Shameless shout out and thank you’s?
Mom & Dad, Rob & Reja @ Lowcardmag, All the homies, Budweiser, Sheldon Black, Everyone I’ve ever shot a picture of…thank you.

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