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Portfolio Check – Jon Glass

Jon Glass, Photographer, San Diego, Skateboarding

So your originally from IL, What got you motivated to come to SD in the first place?
Skateboarding man! Thats it. There were an older crew that were a few years older than me who moved out to SD. Dayne (Brummet) and a couple other guys came out there and were getting coverage. I saw this and I’m like, "Thats where I’m going."

Josh Evin, Skateboarder, Canada, R.I.P
Josh Evin. San Diego, CA

Hitch hike, Safe some loot, whatever you got to do. Was it worth the trip? How did it start out?
It was definitely worth it. When I first came to San Diego I used to hang out at the shop Hanger Eighteen. The crew from Lake Zurich worked/rode for that shop so i started meeting people there. There are some people I’ve met in SD that grew up skating with their parents…what the fuck? when I was like 12, I remember my friends dad being like "anyone that skates past 5th grade is a loser."

Kurt Hodge, Skateboarder, San Diego
Kurt Hodge. 50-50 Transfer. San Diego.

What about you, how do your parents feel about skateboarding?
My mom was a bit uneasy with it but once she’s seen all the things I’ve done out here its opened her eyes a bit. If I had not moved out there I have no idea what I’d be doing right now.

Brooklyn Banks, NYC, Jon Glass
Brooklyn Banks, NYC.

What’s up with that Matt Lonergan kid? How’d you meet that guy. He fucking kills it, wait tell you see that Animal Style part, Or have you seen it already?
Naw man, Haven’t seen it yet but I’m waiting for it on youtube. That kid is crazy man, its scary watching him skate sometimes. Im pretty sure I’ve seen or at least heard of most of it already. Over the years, I’ve seen lots of people come to SD and give skating all they got, like trying to get sponsored of whatever, and they get discouraged. But for that whole Animal Style crew, getting a session together is more like organizing a party. Ill show up and someones brought a twelve pack and rolled a spliff already. Thats what I like to see, skating not taken too seriously, just good ol’ fun.

Dayne Brummet, Switch pivot, Fakie, L.A. , Jon Glass
Dayne Brummet, Switch pivot fakie. Chino, CA

Doing it Animal Style, taking shit back to the basics. Have you shot any photos from companies at all?
Once in a while ill get a break from a company, I shot a birdhouse ad a while back, that was probably my biggest one. Other than that I just like being involved with the scene. I don’t like walking around with business card trying to convince people they should care about the pictures i take. I get way more enjoyment by going out shooting with my homeys, that give me all the time i need to set up, and getting some pictures to their shop or whatever just to support.

Zack Dowdy, Bs Smith, Sadona, AZ, Jon Glass
Mike, Bs Smith. Sadona, AZ.

When you first saw Typical Culture what did you think?
Typical is the shit! Dude I was remembering the time I was at Crossroads and I saw you guys handing out some typical shirts, and I’m like "those are the dudes grundy was talking about." You and Austin know whats good for skateboarding and are really involved in the skateboarding scene, which makes for great content for the site. You guys have the right idea. There is so much awesome skateboarding going on every day that no one will see. But Typical Culture is unique because it provides a forum for skaters that might not have the best sponsors, to get coverage.

Hurvery Haskins, Jon Glass
Hurvey Haskins, PB.

What type of cameras do you work with?
I have two canon digital cameras and a Hasselblad. medium format is really fun to shoot with but its hard to beat digital. I think you learn a lot about photography with film because your mistakes will cost you. literally, that shit can get expensive to develop.

Yeah, did you have access to a light room for a bit?
Yep. Its a good experience to learn how the development process works. Printmaking is so damn fun too. I’d take a film print over a digital print any day. The film print is all trial and error, and every-time you mess up on a print you gotta use another piece of photo paper. It can get expensive.

Gabe Ryan, Skateboarder, San Diego, 360 Flip, Jon Glass
Gabe Ryan, 360 flip. Chula Vista, CA

Any skaters in particular you like to shoot photos with?
People with good style are the easiest to shoot with. Its like you don’t have to try as hard to make them look good on a skateboard. I’ve shot with Jason Barr a bunch, he’s my good homey and he’s got good style. Gabe Ryan is my favorite too man, nothing but laughs every-time we skate, and he’s got some story about every spot we go to its crazy.

Gabe Ryan, Skateboarder, San Diego, 360 Flip, Jon Glass
Willy Santos, Feeble. Poway, CA.

Do you think that all skateboard photos should only be about the trick?
It depends. Some photographers shoot skating as a fine art, while others shoot just to document. I think the best photographers can successfully combine the two styles. That might be my downfall as a pro-tog because sometimes I’m not as concerned with who the skater is or how groundbreaking the trick is. Im more concerned with how the light looks or whatever.

Jason Bar, Jon Glass, Home Ave, Skateboarding
Jason Barr, Fs Flip. Home Ave.

Anyone you’d like to thank from back home / out here?
Typical Culture, everyone in SD, and anyone who has been willing to risk breaking their neck just to have me take a picture of them.

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