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Portfolio Check – Steve Treboux

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.11.04 PM
Steven Treboux
Photo: Glenn Pajarito

full name, age, years shooting photos?
Steven Treboux, 28 years of age, been shooting since I was very young, started spending the "big bucks" on photo equipment about five years ago.

Greg Davidson
Greg Davidson, Ball

Tell me about growing up in Switzerland? What is the scene like, spots, parks, laws, stuff like that?
Growing up in Switzerland was great. The law was never a factor in anydecisions my friends and I made, be it skateboarding or any thing else. The skate scene that I grew up in, was basically six or seven kids in my
village. We all grew up together and for one reason or the other, we all fell in love with skateboarding, and through that became brothers for life.
We didn’t know shit about skateboarding or the scene…. All we had was a old "Savannah Slamma" and "Ohio Skate-out" VHS tape, and some german book about how to roll around and do ollies. I guess during that time period, Chany Jeanguenin who grew up in the town next to mine, was already ripping shit up, just like three miles from were we lived! But we had no fucking clue. The spots we skated were O.K we thought, until my friend got his hand on the "20 shot sequence" video, and we were all like: "Fuck!! Those dudes are fuckin rippin, they skate the coolest looking stuff, and they all use small boards that have the same tail shape as the nose.", we knew we had to get our hands on the "new" boards, and ditch our big ass spaceship decks. The scene started evolving.
Nowadays the skate scene in Biel/Bienne is top notch, and there’s a prettycool indoor skate park for the rainy days (which there are plenty of, itrains a lot over there.

JT Aultz, Over Blunt
JT Aultz , Over Blunt

What made you decide to leave and come to the US? Where did you come and
what was your situation when you got here?
The first time I moved over here was in 1996. My dad accepted a job offer in
Escondido, my whole family said fuck yeah, and so we moved to Rancho

I attended RB high school, and through skateboarding, met all my new
american friends ( that became brothers for life as well). Needless to say,
coming from a small village in Switzerland, and moving to San Diego, the

mecca of skateboarding, was absolutely overwhelming.

In 2001 my dad decided to move back to Switzerland, so me, my brother, and
mom all moved back as well. I went to university, did the mandatory swiss
military service, some more school, worked some shit jobs,

and then one day, in 2005, after being depressed and sick of school, i
decided to get my ass back to San Diego. I called up JT Aultz who was living
with Jason Hofherr at the time, and told him about my plan to move back to
SD. He was stoked, and offered me a couch to crash on. It was on!!

Alex Caseres, Bs Heelflip
Alex Caseres, Bs Heelflip

You recently when back home? how was that experience? Did you consider
staying over there? Did you miss califoria??
Going back to see my family and friends is always great. But unfortunately
I’m hella poor and always broke, so I can’t go back as often as I would like

I can always move back to Switzerland if I had the urge to, but for now, I’m
here in beautiful southern california and I’m loving it.

Brandon Turner, Switch Tre
Brandon Turner, Switch Tre

What got you interested in skating and then into skate photography?
Skateboarding had a certain underground and renegade feel to it I guess. My
friends and I where the skaters of the town, and we didn’t give a shit about
anything else.

If you skate, and photography, lighting and composition are a passion of
yours, it’s bound to happen that you’ll end up shooting skateboarding, you
know? And if your lucky enough to know some people in the industry, and
you want to give being a professional skate photog a shot, well…. It’s a
hard fucking industry to break into…… but if you don’t give a shit about
money etc, like I’m forced to, it’s fantastic! (ironic laugh, followed by

Brian Giller, Kickflip
Brian Giller, Kickflip

You mentioned having to do military service in Switzerland. What was that
like? Did you have to go through boot camp or anything like that?
Military service is mandatory in Switzerland, and it’s pretty hard to get
out of doing it (fines, jail, or really good excuses), so I did it. Since I
was gonna do boot camp and all that stuff anyway, I figured that I might as
well go all Rambo… so I did the Infantry training, were the first dudes to
die if shit would hit the fan. But since Switzerland is a "neutral" country,
they’ll never go to war anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m against any sort of police or military
establishment. I think those authoritarian institutions are the reason for
little dictator fucks to get their sick way, trying to restructure society
into their own twisted vision. Then when the ordinary people get fed up with
the bull crap and speak out, the little dictator prick hides behind the
police and the soldiers, then people are sent to jail or get killed….

Casie Grey, Footplant Polejam
Casie Grey, Footplant Polejam

After living in both Switzerland and the US. What are your thoughts on
national health care and other more social services you might find in
Switzerland and not the US?
Switzerland is pretty social, but it’s nowhere near Sweden when it comes to
health care. No body wants to be sick or hurt and feel helpless, and then
have to worry about the financial aspect for getting decent health care.
Every country that has tax payers should hook-up it’s peeps, you know what
I’m sayin?

You Lived with Nick Dompierre. How did that happen? Any good stories about
I lived with JT Aultz. But Nick Dompierre and Ernie Torres would visit San
Diego quiet often and we all crashed on the floor at his pad, and they would
stay for good amounts of time so it was just like living with the dudes.
Super fun times, those guys are the sickest! I apologize, but I’m not good
at telling stories…… but you know, enjoying the finer things in life,
skating, beer, laughs.

Peter Smolik , Bs Smith
Peter Smolik , Bs Smith

which photographers influenced you?
There’s too many too name, all of them have something that inspires or used
to inspire me at any given time.But my all time favorite skate photog is Oliver Barton.

Peter Smolik , Bs Smith
John Lupfer, Nosebonk

who or what should we look out for coming out of SD in 2009?
Typical Culture! and all those young lads rippin it out there…

JT Aultz , 50-50
JT Aultz , 50-50

photo nerd question. Whats your gear set up looking like these days?
These days digi… I’m a nikon guy, fisheye and normal, and I use sunpak
flashes. I guess I’m a "less is more" type of photographer.I used to shoot medium format with my bronica, and 35mm film with my

Walker Ryan,, Switch Pop Shuv
Walker Ryan,, Switch Pop Shuv

Curiculum has put out some major issues. Can we expect some new shit from SDs first skate site soon?
Yeah for sure, we’re working on a few articles right now. The turn around
for new content might be slower these days, but we’ll always try to do some cool shit and support the skate scene… wherever that scene might
be. We need more motivated contributors, but thats a hard thing to find.

Corey Duffel, Pop Shuv
Corey Duffel, Pop Shuv

what’s your current life situation? where you working, where you living, how you feeling about life?
Right now I work for DC shoes, on and off. Hopefully I’ll be on the full
program soon. I live at my girlfriends house, and I’m sick of being broke and not having my own place. Life’s cool. But some people are
ridiculous morons.

Jamie Palmore,, nollie Bs heel Jamie Palmore,, nollie Bs heel

what’s your current life situation? where you working, where you living, how you feeling about life?
Right now I work for DC shoes, on and off. Hopefully I’ll be on the full
program soon. I live at my girlfriends house, and I’m sick of being broke and not having my own place. Life’s cool. But some people are
ridiculous morons.

Got any shout outs or thank yous to people who may have helped you out?
Family and friends thank you……… I still need a lot of help! Thanks for doing this with me Austin! See you on the streets.

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