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Rumble In Ramona 5


The rumble happened again. The shenanigans were in full effect with Grindline the band, and more skate rock slaying tunes while the boys were catching some bio air! Brutal vertical action from this very diverse cruë makes for epic session

featuring Darren Navarrette, Christian Hosoi, Tom Remillard, PLG, Shaun Ross, Cedric Pabich, Lizzie Armanto, Neal Hendrix, Chris Russell, Lincoln Ueda, Alan Young, Raven Tershy, and more rippers.

ShaunRoss-5o, Shaun Ross, Rumble In Ramona, Rumble In Ramona 5, Sector 9, Ramona, Vert Ramp
Shaun Ross – Five O.

JamesNCheif, Jamie Thomas, James Truesdale, Rumble In Ramona, 5
Chief & James.

Edsband, Ed Dominick, Rumble In Ramona

Homie-Sugercane, Sugercane, Rumble In Ramona, 5
Didn’t catch this homies name, rad Sugercane.

Raven-AllyOp5050, Raven Tershy, Rumble In Ramona
Raven, Ally op 5050.

Chris Russell, Boneless, Rumble In Ramona, Creature, ChrisRussell-boneless
Russell mania Boneless.

Neal Hendrix, Rumble In Ramona 5, Vert, Air, NealHendrix-FsAir
Neal Hendrix, Fs Air.

Steve Cab, Rumble In Ramona, Video, Cab-FsInvert
Steven Cab, Fs Invert. He was to close, but I couldn’t resist.

Cab-BsAir, Rumble In Ramona, Vert
Cab, Bs Air.

Tom-RockNRoll, Rumble In Ramona, Tom Remillard
Tom Remillard, Rock N Rol.. and we’re out.

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