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Still VXing


We had the premiere at our Five Year Anniversary annual bow jam, now it’s time for the whole world to enjoy. Here’s the online premiere of “Still VXing” a short VX operated film by San Diego Skateboarders.

Featuring: Sperm, Keith Baldassare, Allen Young, Mason Merlino, Ricky Holderby, Luis Sedano, Dolan Stearns, Brendan Keaveny, Cody Meador, Squints, Beaver, Jesse Silva, Tyler Aghas, Tyler Lee, Tyriece Bovain, Austin Squire, Spenser Prati, Andy Mac, John Davis, Jeremy Leabres, Jordan Heeftle, Julian Klincewicz, Chris LaRue, JJ Rice, David Cobb, Q Perez, Shane Willette, Chris Coogan, Chris Gregson, Truman Hooker, Chris Russell, Jimmy Cao, Vinny Dalffito, Alex Caceres, Billy Antonio, Brian Gille, Waylon Hendricks, AJ Zavala, Eli Anderson, Garrett Hill, Tislam Smith, Anothny Shultz, Kirby, Jamie Palmore, Jake Chough, Drew Verdugo, Skippy, Scotty, Brandon Lefever, Robert Lozares, Ben Johnson, and Trevor Ward.

VX Operators: Zack Dowdy, James Truesdale, Brandon Greer, Chase Cruz, Jesse Silva, Ryan Alvarado, Vinny Dalffito, Drew Verdugo, Troy Sanders, Tyrone Tayor, Jared Diamond, Mike Brickie, Scott Gerent, Grant Levy, Brendon Anderson, and Chris Anacelto.

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