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Sweden – Mash With Us

The skateboarding scene in Malmo, Sweden is a lot different then anywhere else in the world. I feel like everywhere you go fellow skateboarders are immediately family. But in Malmo they take it to another level. Me and Chris (Russell) are in complete freestyle camp mode in Europe and everyone has been so awesome helping us get around and finding places to stay hasn’t been to hard. Here’s “Mash With Us” part 3 in Europe, mainly Sweden in this post!

It’s been a little rainy, waiting it out a lot..

Yup, that’s rain.

Made it to TBS!!

One of the most fun spots I’ve ever skated around the world.

Get a good view.

Chris frontside wallride.

Then more rain decided to fall down.

Trying to wait it out..

Pripps – the shitty swedish beer – 2.5%

Kevin Kowalski throwing some steak on the grill.

Willis, Kevin, Lockwood, Foy on the D.I.Y. BBQ thanks to Maxi

Willis Kimble ollie over the lobster!

Premium Hummer is what they call these bad boys in Swedish, pretty damn amazing.

Found this epic spot just a few blocks away from the Park Inn where we are staying

Kowalski getting down in the streets – Ollie to ollie.

Greg even made it to Sweden for a few days!

Cody Lockwood and I filmed a bunch of stuff this day, this was the last spot. It was a reckless one, a lot of hard slams.

Chis Gregson made it to Sweden for a few days too!! the boys are in.

Casting wizardry

Small tight pocket big dudes – Skelator and Packi.

Willis getting in on it too.

Russell mania backside tailblock.

Lockwood backside nosepike.

Lockwood with a first try frontside blunt in the deep end for Kowalski.

David shoots awesome photos – check them out at

Cody Lockwood, Frontside blunt again first try!

Alex Foy feeble fakie!

Chris Russell wasting Kowalski’s film!

Always power grinds

Back to room zorching.

Back at the park, with a Foy backside air.

Willis Fs Ollie.

Kowalski, invert revert.

Packi going hard on this madonna .

Russell slob plant.

Cody fs noseblunt.

Cody ally-op stalefish.

Kevin fs air.

Skelator bs Ollie.

Cody nosegrind indy.

Strecht shesh

Chris bs ollie disaster.

Cody fs feeble.

Morning hype – tre flip and spliffs

Practice day all rained out

What do we do now?

Time to get wasted.

It dried up for a little, Kevin boneless on Willis.

Back to this spinning thing that’s destroying everyone!

More from Sweden soon!!

2 thoughts on “Sweden – Mash With Us

  • August 30, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    fuck yeah looks so awesome. you guys are killing it!

  • September 12, 2013 at 5:11 am

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