Bondi Bowl-A-Rama 2014 Photos


Bondi Beach was the last leg of my Australian adventure. Bowl-A-Rama happens to take place on this beautiful beach with one of the funnest skateparks I’ve ever been fortune enough to skate. Meeting up with Chris Russell, Willis Kimble, and more homies was the best part. Thanks to Brad McClain, Nolan Monroe, Josh Rodriguez and Mike Owen for letting me stay with them! You guys fucking rule. So here’s a few photos from the epic weekend at Bondi Beach.

Chris Russell – Fs Barefoot Disaster.

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Currently Mashing: Victor Garibay

Victor Garibay_ portait

Skateboarding is made for fun. Some take it to another level and get truly creative in expressing their originality. Everyone has their own version of fun on a skateboard. Unfortunately most of us fall under the monkey see monkey do version of skateboarding but not Garibay. The spots he skates are sometimes so far out the norm most skaters couldn’t fathom the possibility. He may not get a clip at every spot, thats not his trip. But if Vic has a spot in mind best rest assure something a bit different is about to go down with a little extra pop on top. Your boi Garibay brings it raw and harder than most, yet always down to Earth and fun to be around.

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