1/15/16 – Weekend Hype

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This weeks hype is brought to you by no other then Alan Young & Connor Getzlaff fucking about at the DC Park. These 2 keep skateboarding weird and fun. Street League discriminates everything we believe skateboarding is. No negativity, only creativity!

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Audio Stimuli – UFO 1969

Originally know as “Hocus Pocus” is a band titled UFO. A psychedelic rock band from the U.K. consisting of Mick Bolton, Pete Way, and Andy Parker formed in August 1969. Put these jams on before you go shred or while you’re skating and you’re bound to get super stoked! This band was apparently super big in Japan and Germany. Goes to show again, us Americans are censored.

My favorite is the first album. After that things get a little more cheesy.