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It’s time baby, that friday stoke. Featuring some clips from the new Lakeside & PQ Skatepark. Ft. Ben Johnson, Brendan Keaveny, Chris LaRue, Truman Hooker, Nick Palmquist, and Mike Fitz.

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Bread Bowl Video Recap

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Jan 4th 2014 we celebrated five years of Typical Culture at Sector 9’s warehouse – The Bread Bowl.We had a Best Mashing jam and here’s a short glance of what went down, so much gnarly skating was happening and not all of it could be documented, which was kinda rad in our book.

The Best Mashing went on for hours and the ones that took home the victory were: Ben Johnson, Chris Russell, Joshua Rodriguez, and Josh Borden.

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5 Years of T.C. Recap


MRZ Cruised out to our Five Year Anniversary that went down last weekend and did a killer job of capturing some of the Best Mashing contest that went down in the bowl featuring all the slayers.

Josh Borden – Nosegrind Tallgrab off the extension.

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Still VXing


We had the premiere at our Five Year Anniversary annual bow jam, now it’s time for the whole world to enjoy. Here’s the online premiere of “Still VXing” a short VX operated film by San Diego Skateboarders.

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8/10/13 – WEEKEND HYPE

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Get juiced to shred!! Sorry for posting a little late, but better then never! Here’s Beaver, Andy Mack, Keith Baldass, Ben Johnson, Chris Coogan, alex Q, Woogy, Jordan Mourning, Nick Suarez, Bk, and Pimpn getting you stoked to shred!!

film/cut Truesdale

7/18/13 – WEEKEND HYPE

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This weekend is flying by, so fast! Here’s some rad clips to get you stoked featuring David Cobb, Spencer Prati, Reuban Barrack, Andy Mack, Jake Anderson, Keith Baldassare, Ben Johnson, Chris Coogan, Timmy Thompson, Bryan Schaefer, Cameron Siters, and Trever McCune.

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