3/7/14 – Bondi Beach Weekend Hype

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A few weeks back in Bondi Beach, Australia. Brad McClain and Nolan Munroe decided to cruise around the skatepark section of the Bondi park that Bowl-A-Rama takes place at, during the contest days they shut-down this section of the park and cover it with bleacher stands. I also recall Brad saying it’s the funnest section at the park. Get stoked and then go shred your local spot!!

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Bondi Bowl-A-Rama 2014 Photos


Bondi Beach was the last leg of my Australian adventure. Bowl-A-Rama happens to take place on this beautiful beach with one of the funnest skateparks I’ve ever been fortune enough to skate. Meeting up with Chris Russell, Willis Kimble, and more homies was the best part. Thanks to Brad McClain, Nolan Monroe, Josh Rodriguez and Mike Owen for letting me stay with them! You guys fucking rule. So here’s a few photos from the epic weekend at Bondi Beach.

Chris Russell – Fs Barefoot Disaster.

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Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Highlights

Here’s a highlight reel from yesterday at the Vans Bowl-A-Rama in Sydney, Australia. Tony Hawk is in the mix and came away with the win for the Masters Division!

PRO RESULTS: 1st: Pedro Barros 2nd: Alex Sorgente 3rd: Felipe Foguinho
MASTERS RESULTS: 1st: Tony Hawk 2nd: Steve Caballero 3rd: Nicky Guerrero

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