Issue #8


Now you can read Issue #8 online & also order yourself a copy to hold in your hands, free life still exist.
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Del Zorcho Promo 2

Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.18.02 AM

This is going to be a killer video by the Irvine-Sucks homies featuring Lil Chris, Javan Campello, Gonzo Hernandez, Skatin Steve, Franky Villani, Chris Gregson, Scruoff, Jason Rivera, Deven Williams, Skreech, Chris Bell, Brandon Humphry, Ronnie Yerman, John Demar, and more.

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Sequence Recovery


Here are some sequences I shot in 2012 that were, unfortunately, placed in a corrupted hard drive. I recently came up on some photos I had lost in the hard drive, so here are a few of them.

Chris Gregson mashing at the Bridge

Vincent Luevanos as seen in ‘NO BRAINER’

Cyril Jackson unloading a back smith 360 shove it in LA

I was already convinced Alex Valdez could skate anything…

Tislam Smith gettin buck in Santa Barbara
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MONTHLY BLOW-OUT: Bank to Curb Wall Ditch

photo 2

Personally I believe Austin Mayer found this spot, and Truman was the first to actually skate it. Hereโ€™s the third of many more to come โ€œMonthly Blow-outโ€™sโ€ with the story behind the spot.

Spot: This ditch has been a hot spot for the past 6 months, the ironic part is that it was discovered over 3+ years ago. Austin (Mayer) who help me start Typical Culture in the beginning was the the first one to report it. So with that said, we’ll give him credit for finding it. Located in a pretty central part of San Diego city it’s not a easy spot to find, or predict where it is for that matter. Its not easy to skate, you get about a 3-4 foot wide roll-up with whatever length you want to drop-in on the side of the ditch in order to skate the bank to ledge side that you see these photos taken on. Truman Hooker was the first to get a photo here, blasting a Lein Air taken by Dave Swift and featured in The Skateboard Mag ( Also in his CSxFU part ) couldn’t find the photo online though.
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