Issue #5

Issue Five of Typical Culture features JJ Rice on the cover with a gnarly Lipslide in La Jolla. He has a full interview featured inside.
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Colorado Mashing

Typical Culture presents another trip with the boys. This time with Trevor Ward, Chris Russell, Truman Hooker, Keith Baldassare, and Ben Johnson head up to Colorado. We stopped in Vegas along the way. Then a few parks on the way to Denver. Check out photos & article from the trip in Issue #5 of Typical Culture.
Film/Edit: Zack Dowdy

Vortex Thursdays (5/23/13)

Headed up to Colorado, it’s been a blast so far! Here are some recent phone snaps!
Lurkville BBQing up for the homies (Jesse, Q, Ryan, Gillie)

More lurkville bbq lurkers (Cobb, Q, LaRue, Ricky, BK, Dolan & Jesse)

My lady and Saxton Taylor!

Rail check in Sorrento

Trevor with a fs 270 (or 360?) at home ave


ricky holderby
Ricky Holderby blasting this noseslide to hill bomb in old town.

Stopped at this abandoned water park on the way to Vegas, Trevor and Keith had a blast on this slide.

Truman zesting out

truman hooker
Truman assed out on the way to Vegas (Colorado next)

Vegas with the boys!! (Me, Drew, Truman, Mike, Trevor, Chris, Keith & Ben)

Trevor was hyped on this spot along with everyone else.

Camped on the Colorado river

This sexy man shared my tent with me

Snowmass, CO – Killer new park! Truman catching a Fs smith over the steps.

Such a nice drive through Colorado

And then Keith blast ollies

Blasted a lurkville sticker at this random park off the highway in Colorado

Forgot the name of this park, pretty fun though. Huge snake run with every rail possible to skate in the street course.