1/24/14 – WEEKEND HYPE


Get hyped it’s FRIDAY! Ft. Miles, Myself, Connor Getzlaff, Mason Merlino, Trevor Ward, Chris Russell, Chris LaRue, and Brendan Keaveny.

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Bread Bowl Video Recap

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 8.31.25 AM

Jan 4th 2014 we celebrated five years of Typical Culture at Sector 9’s warehouse – The Bread Bowl.We had a Best Mashing jam and here’s a short glance of what went down, so much gnarly skating was happening and not all of it could be documented, which was kinda rad in our book.

The Best Mashing went on for hours and the ones that took home the victory were: Ben Johnson, Chris Russell, Joshua Rodriguez, and Josh Borden.

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Mash With Us – Santa Cruz

We headed up to Chili Bowl contest a few weeks back, and decided to stop in Santa Cruz first. Checked out the NHS fun factory (very fun) and skated some stuff in SC. Thanks to Kaleb & Lee at NHS for being so awesome. We got to hit the new D.I.Y. spot – Moss Beach! Killer times on the road as always.

The Independent spine at NHS – Oscar backs it.

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Europe – Mash With Us


Here’s a few more photos of the last part of our journey in Europe. Chris Russell and I want to say thanks to everyone that helped us out along the way – Nicky Grunfeld, Henry Forsnor, John Magnusson, Ole Rauff, Pontus Alv, Allis Wonderland, and Willis Kimble.

mash with us
Headed back to CPH to skate some more with all the awesome lads!

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Mash With Us – Copenhagen

Chris Russell and I are out in Europe, it’s his first time!! We flew into Copenhagen and hit a couple spots right away, fuck jet-lag and 24 hours of flying/airports.. here’s a few photos..

christiania, copenhagen, skatepark, bowl, wood, alisMantory first stop – Freetown Christiania
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The Hype Train – Frank Shaw

Frank Shaw was originally supposed to share a part with Skreech in The Hype Train video but ended up coming out with the longest part in the whole video. Killing it from Meford, OR. It was a blast traveling with Frank and filming this part. Get the full length video at http://www.typicalculture.com/hypetrain

Film/Edit: Zack Dowdy

Checking In – Truman Hooker

Truman Hooker Portrait

Truman Hooker is blowing up fast but for some reason he still picks up my
calls. A couple of months ago I called him while he was on a creature tour
and he was nice enough to let me ask a few questions about the tour. Here
are some random photos and words to help you get to know Truman a little

http://www.typicalculture.com/articles/TrumanHooker/TrumanHookerTruman Hooker 50-50s through some kinks, Photo By Austin Mayer
50-50 kinks, SD

Lets start this off with your name an age?
Truman Hooker, 19 years old

So you just got on creature and your already on tour. Where are you right now?
Right now im in Denver, just got done skating

Who all is on the trip?
Its me, Adrian Mallory, Marky Clements, Silent Mike and David Gravett

http://www.typicalculture.com/articles/TrumanHooker/TrumanHookerTruman Hooker frontside boardslide 270 Shuv, Photo by Austin Mayer
F/ Board 270, SD

So this is basically an am tour?
Well actually David just turned pro.

Nice. You’ve been gone for a minute, how long does this thing run for?
I think it’s a little over a month.

Truman Hooker frontside rock n roll in encinitas photo by Austin Mayer
Front Rock , Encinitas

You seem to do quite abit of travelling yourself. What’s your favorite city outside of San Diego?
Definitely Salt Lake City

Who do you skate with out there?
Sam Hubble and all the homies

Truman Hooker gap out to Frontside 5o gnarly points, Photo by Austin Mayer
Gap to Front 5-o , SD

What’s your favorite thing to do with your I.D?
Im gonna go with a casino

Always split those aces and eights right?

Favorite skatepark in San Diego?
Washington Street

Truman Hooker, Krooked grind to fakie in carlsbad ditch photo by Austin Mayer
Crooks to Fakie, North SD

Good answer. Now tell us who sends boxes to your door step every month?
Right now creature, osiris, and pacific drive.

All right man. Well good luck with the rest of the tour. Ill talk to you later.
For sure. Ill hit you up when I get back.

Truman Hooker frontside smith 16 stairs, Photo by Austin Mayer
Front Smith, SD