Bust or Bail – Sports Arena


Thrasher brought the heat last Thursday at San Diego’s iconic Sports Arena trip set. It was epic seeing so many legendary & up-comer skateboarders in one place. The skateboarding was insane. CV loc Tommy Sandoval took home the crown with that Fs Flip. Here’s a few photos from Ian Stribling.
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Sequence Recovery


Here are some sequences I shot in 2012 that were, unfortunately, placed in a corrupted hard drive. I recently came up on some photos I had lost in the hard drive, so here are a few of them.

Chris Gregson mashing at the Bridge

Vincent Luevanos as seen in ‘NO BRAINER’

Cyril Jackson unloading a back smith 360 shove it in LA

I was already convinced Alex Valdez could skate anything…

Tislam Smith gettin buck in Santa Barbara
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