EatFiend’s Shit Show p. 26

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.30.39 PM

Heman’s official EatFien’s Shit Show episode 26 is live and my favorite episode to date! Featuring Q Perez, McKinney, Stearns, LaRue, Getzlaff, and more homies!

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12/4/15 Weekend Hype

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.32.08 AM

This Weekend Hype comes through with a little extra spicy extended raw & uncut skateboarding in San Diego featuring Nick Saurez, Andy Mack, Luis Sedano, Christian Ottribe, Heman, Brendan Keaveny, Dowdy, Chris Coogan, Alan Young, Timmy Knuth, Pooptart, and Space Wax.
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The Hype Train – Zack Dowdy

Here’s my part from The Hype Train video, I feel a little weird posting it myself but fuck it.

Thanks to all the homies that worked on this project with me, it was truly a blast!
Full length video available now:
Filmed by: James Truesdale, Chris Gregson, Brendan Keaveny, Little Chris, and Frank Shaw.

WEEKEND HYPE – 1-11-13

It’s time to get these weekend hype’s back! James Truesdale is taking over. Check out this edit and get hyped to go fucking shred! Featuring Kenny Mohr, Tyrone Olson, Brendan Keaveny, Dan Taylor, Keith Baldassare, Dowdy, Coogan, Skooter, Angel Rodriguez, Jesse Silva, Calvin Smith.

weekend hype 1-11-13 from TYPICAL CULTURE on Vimeo.