Photo-Issue #22

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Twenty Two issue’s deep. Some of these photos didn’t make the cut for the zine issue #5. Some are just so damn good, we wanted to share them directly to the web right away. Tons of killer shots taken by Austin Squire, Chris McDonald, Ben Kilapatrick, Chris Swainston, Brian Walnum, Adam Small, Ben Clemens, and more!

Brendan Keaveny, Frontside 50-50. Photo: Austin Squire
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Checking-In Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward

I’ve known Jeff for almost a year now, and i remember the first time i saw him skating at the Poway skatepark. He was trying kickflip back tails on the pyramid ledge. I thought to myself damn that kid has some tech skills. Then the next day i saw him at the Robb Field park doing some more rowdy shit. Then after that he started showing up at Washington St and everyone just started getting familiar with his name. I’ve become pretty good friends with Jeff but to this day we can roll up to any spot and i’ll have no idea what trick jeff is thinking about doing but i do know that the trick is going to either go down or he is going down. Andy Lowe always quotes him as the "It can be done guy". With that said, enjoy a couple of photos and interview.

Jeff Ward crails over the Love seat at Washington St Photo by Chris Rice
Crail the love seat , Washington St.

How old are you, where are you from and how long have you been skating?
I’m 21 and im from Stockton, CA and for about 9 years.

When did you move to San Diego?
I Moved to San Diego about 2 years ago

Do you like skating up north more or down here?
I like it down here a lot, more to skate. Up there is a lot of time just driving around. I have to drive to the bay area from stockton just to skate anything.

Jeff Ward does a huge boneless at Washington St skatepark Photo by Chris Rice
Big Boneless, Washington St.

It seems like you have family all over the states and you’re always driving where’s your favorite place to go?
Definatly the drive up to Oragon from down south.

Yeah the drive up there is fun, that place lake shasta is crazy.
That’s actually where my mom is from.

Jeff Ward gaps up to Frontside Smith at Washington St Skatepark Photo by Chris Rice
Gap to front smith , Washington St.

What’s your favorite spot of all time?
Probably the spot i skated the most up in nor-cal, jefferson 10 rail, probably skated that every weekend for fucking 2 years straight warm up spot.

Your vote for skater of the year 08’?
Dude there is a grip of fools throwing shit down right now, especially the locals like Wes Kremer definatly throwing down hammers so hard. Tyler Surrey all the local kats. Headdings kind of got took out this year his colar bone is done, but he was killing it before that. If he wouldn’t of gotten taken out we would of saw a lot more of him this year.

What do you think about the enconomy right now and does it affect skaters at all?
Yeah it definatly does, especially trying to get product right now is super hard because of the economy. No one can afford to pay their riders, like there are so many people that should be getting hooked up but can’t because boards aren’t selling. Nothing is, so they can’t give out as much product to support the skaters.

Jeff Ward nosegrind in Pacific Beach photo by Chris Rice
Nose grind, Pacific Beach

You’re soon to be a dad of a baby boy congratulations Where’s the first place your going to take your son to skate?
Definatly Washington st because if he can skate there he can skate anywhere

First travel story that pops into your head?
{Laughs} Any story while on the dew tour last couple years, Casey Mcdonald? He was super pissed off at the bar, and he orderd a doube jack and coke. within 30 minutes he went from being super bummed to hanging off the rafters in denver going from geting all rowdy and geting kicked out from alomost not wanting to be there. Any cudlip story he gets gnar.

Bar & Beer?
Tilted Stick, PBR!

Jeff Ward smith grind though a huge fucking ledge photo by Chris Rice
Smith, Clairemont

Who’s supporting you these days?
Premium Skateboards, Route 44 Skate shop, Autobahn Flow, Dekline Flow

Word, thanks jeff want to thank anybody?
Fuck man you Dowdy, All the crew, Brandon, Skooter, Andy, Shaun, my girl Steph, My dad definatly Tim, Route, All my sponsors, Doug at Autobahn, James at Dekline.