5 Years of T.C. Recap


MRZ Cruised out to our Five Year Anniversary that went down last weekend and did a killer job of capturing some of the Best Mashing contest that went down in the bowl featuring all the slayers.

Josh Borden – Nosegrind Tallgrab off the extension.

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Photo-Issue #22

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.12.14 AM

Twenty Two issue’s deep. Some of these photos didn’t make the cut for the zine issue #5. Some are just so damn good, we wanted to share them directly to the web right away. Tons of killer shots taken by Austin Squire, Chris McDonald, Ben Kilapatrick, Chris Swainston, Brian Walnum, Adam Small, Ben Clemens, and more!

Brendan Keaveny, Frontside 50-50. Photo: Austin Squire
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Web-Trash Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward is fucking killing it, So here’s some recent eye candy of the shreding that’s going down daily with the "It can be done" man, Catch him down at the bridge anytime grinding every corner and doing airs on every flat wall.
Photos by: Jon Glass

Jeff Ward, Popshuv, PB Jon Glass
Pop Shuvit, Good old Pacific Beach

Jeff Ward, Bluntslide, Jon Glass
Blunt Slide, Chula Vista

Jeff Ward, Crailslide, Jon Glass
Crail Slide, Oregon. Check the "Lurk werthy" leg tattoo.

Jeff Ward, Popshuv, Jon Glass
Popshuv, San Diego

Jeff Ward, Rock Wallie, Jon Glass
Rock Wallie, Oregon

Jeff Ward, Switch Front Rock, Jon Glass
Switch Front rock, Hood River Oregon