Bread Bowl Video Recap

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Jan 4th 2014 we celebrated five years of Typical Culture at Sector 9’s warehouse – The Bread Bowl.We had a Best Mashing jam and here’s a short glance of what went down, so much gnarly skating was happening and not all of it could be documented, which was kinda rad in our book.

The Best Mashing went on for hours and the ones that took home the victory were: Ben Johnson, Chris Russell, Joshua Rodriguez, and Josh Borden.

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5 Years of Typical Culture Anniversary


Five Years of Typical Culture and it all seems so un-real. I can’t beguine to describe how thankful I am for everyone that has supported T.C. and has been apart of it over the past five years. There’s way to many names to list. Every skater that has contributed photos, video & writing is the reason Typical Culture still exist. A D.I.Y. Skateboard zine from San Diego, Calif. Join us on 1/4/14 as we celebrate a underground network of mashing in SD for over Five Years Now!! Read more for details about the event Saturday.

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Mash With Us – Santa Cruz

We headed up to Chili Bowl contest a few weeks back, and decided to stop in Santa Cruz first. Checked out the NHS fun factory (very fun) and skated some stuff in SC. Thanks to Kaleb & Lee at NHS for being so awesome. We got to hit the new D.I.Y. spot – Moss Beach! Killer times on the road as always.

The Independent spine at NHS – Oscar backs it.

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