Photo-Issue #22

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Twenty Two issue’s deep. Some of these photos didn’t make the cut for the zine issue #5. Some are just so damn good, we wanted to share them directly to the web right away. Tons of killer shots taken by Austin Squire, Chris McDonald, Ben Kilapatrick, Chris Swainston, Brian Walnum, Adam Small, Ben Clemens, and more!

Brendan Keaveny, Frontside 50-50. Photo: Austin Squire
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Beaver kills it with some night shredding in the street to hype you up, after then more cruising with Chris Coogan, Trevor Ward, Brendan Keaveny, Nick Suarez, Shaun Gregoire, and Alex Valdez.

Film/Cut: James Truesdale

Trevor Ward, Kickflip. After getting hit by a 80+ year old women! Photo: Chris McDonald

Web-Trash Chris LaRue

The ‘Web Trash’ is one of our new features ware unused photos or videos that have been past looked go. We’re starting it off with Chris LaRue who is holding it down real good here in San Diego, Photos by Austin Mayer.

Chris LaRue, Back Crail
Backside Crail

Chris LaRue, Blunt Slide
Blunt Slide

Chris LaRue

Chris LaRue
Back 5-0

Chris LaRue
Blunt Half Cab

chris larue
Slappy 5-0

Chris LaRue
Front Blunt

Chris LaRue
Frontside Flip

Chris LaRue
Tailslide Fakie

Chris LaRue
50-50 Basher, Photo By: Patrick Beaudouin