The Lost Planet Montage


The Lost Planet is a story about San Diego skateboarders on their journey to The Lost Planet. Featuring Brendan Keaveny, Chris Coogan, Andy Mack, Ricky Holderby, Drew Dezort, Chris LaRue, Connor Getzlaff, Rick Rossi, Michael Morris, Malky, Alan Young, Tyler Lee, James Martin, Julz Lynn, Ronnie Sandoval, Tim Williams, Jordan Hoffart, Tyrone Olson, and Tom Goodlad.

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Orchard Street D.I.Y. Files


Sometimes you go for it. You just say “Fuck it” regardless of all the consequences, pain, or disappointment. Ivery Turner has built these small and very fun D.I.Y. spots in Ocean Beach for years. So when he mentioned trying to build the Orchard St spot again it was no surprise to me.
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Checking-in Dan Connelly

Dan Connelly, Interview, Dan Connely

What’s your Name and Job Title?
Dan Connelly Sk8Mafia Owner / Creative Director / Team Affairs

How did sk8mafia come about?
Fun, friends, and skateboarding.

Brandon Turner, Noseslinde, Photo by Ivery Turner, Sk8 Mafia
Brandon Turner, Switch nose slide

Who had the idea for a weekly video update and how did it get lined up with
Blair Alley and I came up with it one night partying at my brother Jon
Lodges crib in PB. We were pretty faded watchin this little fuck around
video I put together

and Blair was like… "This videos good, all in one
day too. Maybe we should do something on the site. I got Saturdays open,
you can post videos or do whatever you want." I said "Damn, if you hook
that up, I’ll make a new vid every week. What should we call it?" Blair
said "a new vid every week, if you do that we’ll call it SK8MAFIA
Saturdays." Thats pretty much how SMS was born, drunk at the beach.

Dan Connely, Dorian Lip Slide, Photo by Ivery Turner
Dorian, Lipslide

Seems like you guys have hurt every park in S.D. is it getting harder to
find spots to film at? has the "no pad nannies" helped out for the new year?
Check it out

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Are the videos filmed that week or is there a few done waiting to be put
For the first year or so, it was because we made it a point to do them all
in one day and then edit them for that Saturday, but as things started to
pick up with the brand. We gradually switched it up, to using throw away

Lens man Nick Lamb, Sk8Mafia, Ivery Turner Photo
Lens man Nick Lamb

Whos behind the camera filming and who does the editing?
The main heads that have contributed in filming are Mike Crady(32), Nick
Lamm, Ivery Turner, Zack Mckenzie, and I got the homie cam. Damn, I think I
filmed and edited like the first year of these things. All in all Tommy
Cantrell edits most of them, he also made the animations all the intros.
Nick Lamm has made a bunch he also edits all the the SK858 vids, youtube
that shit if you get a chance, &
Ivery Turner has edited a few.

How did you guys get the song made for Kellen’s pro video?
Pretty much Josh Priebe knew DJ Skee and at the time JSLV was doing a
callabo hoodie with him called the Godfather. Preebz asked him to do the
track and homie hooked it up.

Jamie Palomar, Lipslide to Tail bigspin out, Sk8Mafia baby! Ivery Turner photo
Jamie Palomar, lipslide to tail big spin out

I see alot of new faces on sms. Who else is coming up we may not know about?
We’re always try to hook up the homies as much as possible in SMS. Let’s
see, Dorian Gray, Marshall Heath, Donovan Strain, Nick Tucker, Marcus Allen, Spencer Prati,
Anthony Williams, Tom Grom, Austin Kanfoush, David Cole, Ryan Harris, Andrew
Sprigle, Sammy Terrado, and Brandon Le Fever.

Whats in the works now for SM?
Workin on a new video. Revamping SMS.
We’ve wanted to redo the site for like the last year, but there hasn’t been
time. With Sk8mafia Saturdays, go out with the team, making the video,
dealing with the brand, designing product and boards. Shits hectic.
Preebz, Tommy, & I, really haven’t had a chance to just chill for the last
few years.

Sk8Mafia for Life
Sk8Mafia for life

Shout outs?
Thanks to the Team and anyone who has ever helped us out.