Still VXing


We had the premiere at our Five Year Anniversary annual bow jam, now it’s time for the whole world to enjoy. Here’s the online premiere of “Still VXing” a short VX operated film by San Diego Skateboarders.

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Checking-In Jimmy Cao

Jimmy Cao interview and portrait

Austin: Name, Age, Hometown?
Jimmy Cao, 21, San Diego

City, Venture, Bones, Dvs, Willy’s Workshop

Jimmy Cao Switch Bs Flip photos by Steve Treboux
Switch Bs Flip, All Photos: Steve

You had to play some pretty heavy pros in the battle at the berrics.
how was that experience? Were you more psyched or nervous about that
whole thing?
At first I was definatly nervous. Then a good friend told me that it’s
just another game of skate and that helped me not be so nervous.

Jimmy Cao, Heel Flip
Heel Flip

I had you picked to win it. Seems like reda did to. How bummed was he
when you got taken out?
Reda wasnt bummed at all, He just likes to fuck around. He’s like the
class clown of the berrics

Any tricks that you missed that keep you up at night?
nollie flip!

Jimmy Cao, Nollie Bs 360 Kickflip
Nollie Back 360 Kickflip

Who do you have your money on to take the whole thing?
I’m going with the underdog… Benny Fairfax!

 Jimmy Cao, Switch pivot fakie at Home Ave ditch
Switch Pivot Fakie

You just got back from AZ. What was going on out there? Who were you
out there with?
I went out there with Marius Syvanen, Tyler Surrey, and Jamie Palmore.
Fick met us there a few days after. Wes Kremer was out there with the
DC guys as well. Marius had a few homies that lived in Phoenix that
was having a video premiere. The video is called the mustard
connection. You should check it out, its bangin. That was probably the
funnest trip i’ve been on because it was just a homie trip, no
pressure, just chillin. skated Tempe park everyday.

 Jimmy Cao, Fakie Kickflip
Fakie Kickflip

How did you first get hooked up with city?
My homie Nick threw together some footage and gave it up to hubba. The
dudes at street corner called back a few days later and asked if I had
a board sponsor, and I told them i was getting zoo rep flow. They told
me they would hook me up with city, venture, and hubba. and ever
since, I’ve been riding with city.

 Jimmy Cao, Fs Wallie
Fs Wallride

Now that poway is busted, what park is taking its place?
Poways is still chill, but you gotta know the hours. Memorial is fun, so is
Carmel Valley park.

Whats happening with sk858? Is there gonna be a video?
Sk858 is the homies cruising around. There are a few new videos out,
sk858 chapters 1, 2, and 3. Peep it on Youtube.

 Jimmy Cao, Tail 5-0 to 180 out
Tail to 5o 180

Thanks for talking to me Jimmy. Any last shout outs?
Thank you Homies, Familia, Sk858, Everybody!