Mashing SD – February 2014


With the perfect weather in San Diego all year long, the hype never stops and our wheels constantly pave the crete’. This post features Truesdale, Ward, Beaver, Mourning, JJ Rice & more cruising around San Diego searching for new spots, clips, bbq, and more.

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Trevor Ward warming up in the morning, while waiting for BK to come swoop us. Bs Bluntslide, while I figure out how to use a flash.

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Photo-Issue: #23


It’s been while since we’ve posted our “Photo-Issue” feature, we have been working on the zine and everything else it gets tough sometimes to squeeze it all in. But enough excuses here’s the newest issue! Featuring photos from SD photographers: Austin Squire, Brian Walnum, Ben Clemens, Patrick Westman, myself (Not really considered a photographer) along with photo-g’s: Nick Weber, Eddie Liddy and Tim Dodson.


Fletcher Eidum, Nosegrind. Photo: Nick Weber

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8/10/13 – WEEKEND HYPE

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 9.40.00 PM

Get juiced to shred!! Sorry for posting a little late, but better then never! Here’s Beaver, Andy Mack, Keith Baldass, Ben Johnson, Chris Coogan, alex Q, Woogy, Jordan Mourning, Nick Suarez, Bk, and Pimpn getting you stoked to shred!!

film/cut Truesdale

Belmont Park AM Slam 2013

Sun Diego had their annual AM Slam in the parking lot at Belmont Park this past weekend. Here’s a few photos I snapped while checking out all the chaos. Edit up on The Skateboard Mag as well!

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