The Lost Planet Montage


The Lost Planet is a story about San Diego skateboarders on their journey to The Lost Planet. Featuring Brendan Keaveny, Chris Coogan, Andy Mack, Ricky Holderby, Drew Dezort, Chris LaRue, Connor Getzlaff, Rick Rossi, Michael Morris, Malky, Alan Young, Tyler Lee, James Martin, Julz Lynn, Ronnie Sandoval, Tim Williams, Jordan Hoffart, Tyrone Olson, and Tom Goodlad.

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The Lost Planet Trailer

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 9.12.13 PM

The Lost World a new Typical Culture Montage premiering Thursday 2/4/16 at Culture Brewing Co. Featuring: Brendan Keaveny, Chris Coogan, Ricky Holderby, Andy Mack, Chris LaRue, Connor Getzlaff, Drew Dezort, Rick Rossi, Michael Morris, Malky, Alan Young, Tyler Lee, James Martin, Julz Lynn, Tim Williams, Jordan Hoffart, and Tom Goodlad.
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The Hype Train โ€“ Northwest Tour Part 2.

Here’s part 2 of our adventures to the great northwest. Hitting Hood River, Yakima, Carnation, Seattle, and Orcas Island. Check back Monday for Marginal Way + Montana and Idaho.

We headed up the great Northwest for a month long journey with Skreech, Chris Russell, Greg Zamarripa, Chris Gregson, Ricky Holderby, Slurk, Little Chris, Ian Stribling, Frank Shaw and more friends. On a mission to finish up the filming for The Hype Train video which is available now:

Filmed/Edited by: Zack Dowdy

October Montage

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 9.11.26 PM

Filmed by: Zack Dowdy, Ryan Alvarado, Chris LaRue.
Edited by: Chris LaRue
Featuring: Chris Gregson, Tim Williams, Dylan Messer, Kenny Mohr, Corey Hendricks, Dave Broullard, Cody Carlin, Andy Mack, James Brockman, Andrew Elliot, Wes Kremer, Marius Syvanen, Brad Hearra, Jake Reuter, Connor Getzlaff, Stinky Mike.
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Montage #5

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 9.06.40 PM
Ft (In order): Brad Westcott,
Chris LaRue,
Dylan Messer,
Truman Hooker,
Jesse Corbet,
Andy Lowe,
Caleb Martin,
Asa Lee Crow IV,
Brad Herrera,
David Cole,
Jeff Ward,
Austin Kanfoush,
Cano Cardenas,
Connor Getzlaff,
Jamie Cunningham,
Kenny Mohr,
Matt Kriegel,
Mike Grey,
Russell Grundy,
Tom Remillard,
Charlie Red,
Doug Valdez,
Kevin McLedge,
Kurt Hodge,
John Rob Moore.

Filmed by: Zack Dowdy, Austin Mayer, Andy Lowe & Daniel Hernendez.
Edit by: Aust Mayer

NS Krue – Volume 4

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 9.21.19 PM

Hoodlife presents the NS KRUE Montage Volume number Four, The NS KRUE has been fucking killing it latley, Check their new website frequently to find good shit all from right here in Sunny San Diego. If you want to know what “NS” Stands for then grab your fucking skateboard and go outside and ask these guys yourself! There always around the town, your bound to run into them if you haven’t already. Keep killing it NS Krue!