Portfolio Check – Austin Squire


The first time I met Austin “Stone” Squire was with Truman Hooker, Tru was living with Austin at that time. The first few times we hung out we weren’t skating at all, I thought maybe he was just another burnout stoner (Sorry dude). Then one day I remember seeing him at the skatepark just mashing around with a sick style – that “I don’t care if you like it” stee, and I love it. Fast forward and I realized he wasn’t just a chiller – he’s a very talented skateboarder as well as graphic designer, oh and a insanely good photographer. He’s just another productive visual creator that’s good at everything he has passion for, sorry for calling you a Stoner stone

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Portfolio Check – Mike Heikkila

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Mike Heikkila

Where’s that ramp? (Below)
Lake mary, fl. Right up the street from where i dropped out of college

Rad what college?
Seminole community college, which is now a credited state college "Seminole State College" but i wasn’t there when that happened.

Mike Heikkila
Bs Smith, Photo by Grundy. (He missed the good Bs Smith, This works though)

What’s up with the beardnet?
ha, so i’m in a pretty bad money slump right now, hard finding jobs around here, so i signed up with kelley services the staffing agency like 9 months ago and they called just the other day, which was 9 months after i applied
and was just like hey can you work tomorrow at the coca-cola factory in west orlando? and i was like doing what?
and they just said putting bottles of coke on a conveyor belt and i was just like yeah alright. but it was just like day labor, not like a legit job

Bert Wootton
Bert Wootton, Fs Flip.

Random ways of making money like that seems a lot more fun then spending 8 hours a day doing the same shit every day. So you’re from Florida?
yea sort of, but way more stressful knowing you cant come back the next day. Yeah i’m from Florida.

Didn’t you get a job zumies?
Naw ive been working there for almost 5 months, Sucks though i only get around 10 hours a week. The Job is cool, super easy, talking to people about clothes and skateboard stuff but you know its a mall job, no hours in retail.

John Stowe
John Stowe, Mega pole jam

Have you ever made money from photography?
a little bit i did a job for vans shooting all of the advertising photos for the orlando skatepark couple bucks here and there for skate ads. And i do random outside stuff like im taking some photos for this girl who’s making a portfolio of her hairstyling. There’s no place to have something real here right now.

Why not move to San Diego?
I just turned 22 and i see my skateboarding/photography world still opening up in front of me I just cant get out of here right now because i dont have any money saved up

hitch hike! bum a ride?
I got an apartment out here with my girlfriend, cant really bail on rent and shit and all that.

Dan Delanois
Dan Delanois, 50-50

What happend in atlanta?
I’ve skated, taken photos, made money, spent money, got drunk, sobered up, got mugged, and lots of other stuff
skateboarding became pretty much my #1 when i was like 12.

Getting mugged sucks im sorry bud, been there shits weak.
Yeah man nothing like 3 of your friends running out on you when someones beating the shit out of you with a gun It’s ok though i fucked the dudes up pretty good before the gun came out, mega adrenaline rush and i had never even been in a fight before.

Russell Grundy
Russell Grundy, Nollie BS 360 Heel

You’d never been in a fight and all of a sudden these guys start beating you with a gun! how did you manage to get away alive!
my friend and i both got grabbed from behind and i just elbowed the dude in the face and my friend struggled loose and actually hit the guy in the face with his camera and ran while that was happeneing i hit the guy in the face when he was dazed and then grabbed him by his nappy dreads and put his head thru the rear windshield of a minivan needless to say i felt like fucking superman after that then this dude jumps on me and were fighting on the ground and the other guy pulls out his gun and just pistol whips me like 9 times or something.

You handled that well
oh i didnt mention the entire time i had my camera around my neck thats what it all started for we both had our cameras out shooting and they just came up out of no where oh and i had a bag on my wrist with a brand new braves fitted in it. But they put me behind the mini van on the ground and took my cash from the wallet as i was telling them to let me keep my wallet so they just took the cash and let me keep the wallet.

Ryan Oconnor
Ryan Oconnor, 50 50

Did you get a photo of these guys?
I took a picture from the neck strap of one of the guys right before it happened. fuck man i just realized if i didnt man up right then who know’s if i would’ve ever been shooting skate photos?

Damn why didn’t you try and send that shit to the cops?
You’re not gonna believe this, after i gotta away, i just start running 4 blocks in a bad part of Atlanta and find my friends talking to a bike cop telling them i need help and to go help me.

Chris Blake
Chris Blake, FS Nosegrind

No way a bike cop?
I run up to them and the cops just like well is this him? he’s looks fine, he shouldnt have been down over there yea and he didn’t give the tiniest piece of shit that i just got robbed and all my money stolen from me and that i had a picture of the guy. There is a spot like a block away that the asshole segway cops kick you out of in 2 minutes yes, segway cops.

When did skateboarding become something you did?
Skateboarding became pretty much my #1 when i was like 12

Manny Santiago
Manny Santiago, FS Noseblunt

Is it hard to find constant spots there?
No way, my friend whos now the new filmer for TWS skateboarding.com chris thiessen, is the man in ATL, he knows like a million spots and he would take us to one after another. In Orlando there isnt that big of a list, the style of skating around here has become extremely cutty lately people are just finding the newest way to skate something youve driven past for 6 years and thats why people say orlando has skaters and no spots.

How about the skateparks?
Well i lived in longwood and was down with Mesh skatepark for the past 5 years, helped build it in the beginning til it was done and they just went out of business at the end of November.

Derek Fukuhara
Derek Fukuhara, Crook popover

Do you guys have a lot of BMXers there?
Well me and most of the skateboarders we’re really cool with the really cool bikers because we were all together all the time so we partied and shit like every weekend at "the trails" which was this pretty epic party house that had bmx trails in the drive way in a big yard.

Why did you get into photography was it before or after skating?
I got into photography just because my friend got a camera when we were like 16 and i got psyched on it and i wanted one of my own so bad but it took forever to save up and get one. At first i never put the 2 togther i just took pictures of stuff then i just opened my eyes one day and was like fuck, i wanna shoot skate photos a canon 10d with the grip and 28-105 in a outfit off of ebay which is now only worth about 1/5 as it was then.

Russell Grundy
Russell Grundy, Ollie

Any shout outs to finish this up?
damn yea, grundy for hooking it up and being a good friend, alex elder, vaughan, john, miles, josh, stanley, dorsa, troy, steak, justin and mazur @ focus skate mag, chris thiessen and venner in ATL, simon from mesh, my girl, my mom and my grandma R.I.P.
and everyone else who’s been my friend thru it.