Photo-Issue #24


Twenty Four – issues deep into this Photo series. Featuring some San Diego shredding and other areas as well. With master lens work from Austin Squire, Patrick Westman, Dan Sparrow, Nick Weber, and more. The weather is getting hot – let those early & sunset sessions begin!

Dolan Stearns, Hurricane. Photo: Austin Squire

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Bondi Bowl-A-Rama 2014 Photos


Bondi Beach was the last leg of my Australian adventure. Bowl-A-Rama happens to take place on this beautiful beach with one of the funnest skateparks I’ve ever been fortune enough to skate. Meeting up with Chris Russell, Willis Kimble, and more homies was the best part. Thanks to Brad McClain, Nolan Monroe, Josh Rodriguez and Mike Owen for letting me stay with them! You guys fucking rule. So here’s a few photos from the epic weekend at Bondi Beach.

Chris Russell – Fs Barefoot Disaster.

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Photo-Issue: #23


It’s been while since we’ve posted our “Photo-Issue” feature, we have been working on the zine and everything else it gets tough sometimes to squeeze it all in. But enough excuses here’s the newest issue! Featuring photos from SD photographers: Austin Squire, Brian Walnum, Ben Clemens, Patrick Westman, myself (Not really considered a photographer) along with photo-g’s: Nick Weber, Eddie Liddy and Tim Dodson.


Fletcher Eidum, Nosegrind. Photo: Nick Weber

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D.I.Y. Network: Edison Mfg

Edison Mfg is a genuine hand crated leather company made by skateboarder David McKinny.

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So what’s your full name and where are you from?
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Issue #5

Issue Five of Typical Culture features JJ Rice on the cover with a gnarly Lipslide in La Jolla. He has a full interview featured inside.
Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.17.35 PM
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