Zine Release Party Recap

Here are some photos from issue #4 zine release party at Live Wire. Thanks to Pizzeria Luigi’s & Live Wire for being so rad and putting up with us!
Photos by: Chris McDonald

Started outside.

That’s a make.

James Truesdale, no-comply wallriding.

Trevor Ward, 50-50 right outside.

Got a little creative at a BBQ before the bar.

3045 Skateshop rolled down!

Drew and BK .. . . … . . ……. ..

Kenny Mohr likes stories!

He’s also so damn nice!! Support DIY

Kalvin and the homie.

Chris McDonald (shot this issue’s cover) and Trevor – Raddest dudes out!


Squire and BK one


Can I order a beer?


More booth homies.


Pizza was gone quick

Support bk

This rad chick.. Erica.

He isn’t scared

Chris Coogan mashes!

That’s the 8-Ball!!

What’s that?

Mikey Gray is a legend.

Trevor, Chango Rey, Mike, and Lurkville Julien.


I spy…

Ben Gardner cruised!

And now I’m drunk..

Look at that smile!


James with a lady friend


Robert is a true inspiration.

Deep South fool!

Get normal!

Yup, Coogans drunk. Success.

Pizza lover

More booth action

Warm friends!


Thanks to everyone who cruised out to show some support! Specials thanks to Live Wire and Pizzeria Luigi’s – Good support your local DIY!