Photo-Issue #22

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Twenty Two issue’s deep. Some of these photos didn’t make the cut for the zine issue #5. Some are just so damn good, we wanted to share them directly to the web right away. Tons of killer shots taken by Austin Squire, Chris McDonald, Ben Kilapatrick, Chris Swainston, Brian Walnum, Adam Small, Ben Clemens, and more!

Brendan Keaveny, Frontside 50-50. Photo: Austin Squire
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Checking-In Caleb Orton

Claeb Orton

What got it all started for you?
I’ve always had a skateboard. I rode a skateboard before a bike. When I was 10 I learned how to ollie some kid in my neighborhood would crack ollies over sewer lids and that’s when I realized mobbing tricks was the way to skateboard not just push around.
Caleb Orton, Feeble grind
Bs Feeble fakie

Who did you grow up skating with?
Mark Judd was the only homie I grew up skating with for a while. We met Jake Allyson after that. That was in West Hills and Copper Hills. It was all street back then. No skate parks where around. When I got into junior high is when I actually made my friends. The first day of junior high I walked out in the hall next to the band room were all the skater homies sat around and immediately had friends just because I had a skateboard. There were only like four or five kids that skated in the whole school back then in 1996. It was pretty fucking hype if you where into it. I was way more into it then anything else. Skateboarding is a good social tool for socially awkward teenagers. If you can get into it and learn some tricks you can make some friends for sure.

Caleb Orton, Switch lip
Switch Lip

When did skateboarding really start taking over for you?
I basically figured out what skateboarding was back when Mouse and Welcome to Hell came out. I think Welcome To Hell had the biggest impact on me as far as what I wanted to do, at least at that point. That shit was just gnarly, Jamie Thomas was just undeniably out of control. It blew my mind when I realized Skateboarders where doing that shit even years before. Pat Duff was doing that shit back in 92’ The Gonz before that. Everyone was just murdering shit. My favorite Powell video was Ban This with Ray Barbe. Video Days and Guy Mariano was another one.

Caleb Orton, Nollie 360 heel flip
Nollie 360 Heel

What were some of the first video parts you created?
It was probably the After Dark video filmed mostly by Derek Merkly. After Dark used to be our crew in the day. It was Casey McBride, Brody McBride, Derek Merkly, Mark Judd and myself. Eric Hess and Kendal Johnson came a little bit later.

Caleb Orton, Switch lip
Fakie Smith nosegrind Shuv

What was California like for you?
The good days were fucking sick. I lived in San Diego for 8 months working for UPS while I was there. Then I lost my job because I broke my wrist. Couldn’t work or pay rent so I had to come back. I could have couch surfed but I didn’t want to surf that bad.

Caleb Orton, Switch Ollie
Switch ollie

Who were some of your fist hook ups with skateboarding?
Chris Opilla was the first dude I showed my tape to, I love that dude. He’s also the one that got me hooked up with the Sevenfold family. Back when he worked for Element he was the regional guy for the mid west. He told Kenny over at Technique he wanted to flow someone from Utah. So I showed him my tape. Chris was way hyped on my tape. He hooked me up for like 3 years out of Element. Chris quite Element right about the time I moved out to California I got dropped shortly after that. Then I just started getting Toy Machine, Foundation shit cause I was on Dekline shoes. I just go the whole Tum Yeto hook up. That’s because of August this other dude I showed my tape to. Tom Yetto was the shit August was the man that’s why I got a Dekline tattoo. He was more stoked on me then anyone. He let me walk threw the Tom Yetto where house and grab what ever the fuck I wanted. Shit was tight. That’s how Element used to be. I could just walk through the warehouse and grab a package. At the time August was the shoe designer and team manager for Dekline. Then they hired this dude Mike Sinclare and that’s when I quite doing Dekline..

Caleb Orton, Noseslide 270
Noseslide 270

Why did you quite?
Cause I didn’t want to talk to a new dude and they started making their shoes all budget. I went through two pairs of shoes walking around Europe in two weeks, blew out the whole insole. The last good insole Dekline had I’ve been skating for a year and half.

Caleb Orton, Smith 180
Fs Smith 180

Where you out in Europe to skate?
No, I went there to pick up my brother from his mission. Visited Bulgaria and London. That’s when I broke my wrist the first time. I found the best hubba I’ve ever seen in my life. It was just my little brother and I. I did an ollie down the stairs then switch ollie. Like a fucking idiot I thought, “this thing will slide front board”. My brother was like. I don’t know it’s not waxed it might just stick. I put my board up on it like na dude it’s going to slide. I rolled up to it going all creeper slow thinking I could just get on top and slide down. Right when I got on I just stuck and flew back. Hit my dome had both of hands behind me breaking my wrist.

Caleb Orton, Noseblunt

What is in the mix for you right now?
Now? I’m working on the new SK801 video that Kyle Wilcox is producing. It is going to be really gnarly. The footage is insane. I’m trying to fill a good part maybe even two songs. Oliver Buchanan’s part is looking ridiculous, Holland’s part is looking really good along with Sam Hubble. I’ve also got a part dropping for Erik Jensen video Weast Infection. His video is going to be sick too. That one will drop before SK801. I think the first of August is when the premier is. Other then that, wake up, smoke a cigarette, take a shit, smoke a spliff and go skate… that’s about it.