4/12/14 – WEEKEND HYPE


One minute of raw footage for your weekend hype from: Trevor Ward, Truman Hooker, Taylor Bingaman, Josh Stafford, Luis Sedano, Dolan Stearns, and Ricky Holderby.

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Prince Park session

Oceanside’s new Prince Park has attracted a lot talented skateboarders from all over to come skate it, it’s truly a blast and so stoked to have another awesome park in San Diego!

Featuring: Jordan Hoffart, Anthony Schultz, Asian John, Sam Beckett, Mason Merlino, Cody Subido, Josh Stafford, Jimmy Wilkins, Taylor Bingaman, Chad Bartie, Shuriken Shannon, Marek Zaprazny
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Checking-In Taylor Bingaman

Taylor Bingaman, Interview, Skateboarder, San Diego, C

Basics .. Name/Age/Birth Place.
Taylor Bingaman/21/Sacramento, CA

What made you pick up a skateboard / how old were you?
There was always a skateboard around my house that my older brother had. But he never really skated and then when i was in like 4th grade i got a new board because all my friends were skating and it seemed really fun.

Taylor Bingaman, Kyle Duval, 50-50, Sacromento, San Diego

What do you like to skate the most?
I like to skate everything but my favorite is definitely skating big open flowy parks.

It seemed like you came up quick ripping hard, for Ceature. What were you doing before all that, who did you ride for?
I used to get boards from Chris Senn’s old company Adrenalin for a little bit, then they went under and i got boards from this small company called Comet. Then I started to get flow at NHS and met some people and it took off.

Stalefish, Taylor Bingaman, Tay Tay, Sacromento, Skateparks

Did your parents support your skateboarding?
Oh yeah they have always been 100% down but not pushy which is nice.
Taylor Bingaman, Interview
Did you just pick up your board and do your own thing, and happend to take on the pro ranks?
Well at first i just picked it up for the fun of it, and then i started to realize that it would be awesome to make a living doing what I love and it just happened to work out that way and i’m so thankful for it.

Stalefish, Taylor Bingaman, Tay Tay, Sacromento, Skateparks
Nosegrab 360

What were the local motivating skaters that inspired you to skate?
The first skate video I really remember seeing is sight unseen so and Cardiel was definitely a huge influence on me Just from that video and Heath as well but Cardiel just stuck out way more because he just skated everything going so fast with the best style.

What was your first skateboard trip/tour and how was it?
I went on an adidas flow trip up to the northwest and it was really fun until we got to Seattle where i hit my head and got knocked out and had seizures. I woke up in the ambulance asking to get out and for them to not cut my shirt off. it was fun non the less

Stalefish, Taylor Bingaman, Tay Tay, Sacromento, Skateparks
Kinked boardslide

You’ve gotten the opportunity to travel a lot of the world, can you pick one experience?
Probably my first time going to spain when i was 15. It was paid for by myself and I went with 3 other friends and it was the most fun trip ever. We just skated didn’t have to worry about photos or filming. It was a blast.

What are you doing when not riding wood?
I just hang out with my girlfriend and play with our dog. We just moved to San Diego, so we are always doing shit around the house. I just got a surfboard so I’m about to go try that soon.

Stalefish, Taylor Bingaman, Tay Tay, Sacromento, Skateparks
Nollie 360 Tailgrab

How do you feel about the tech level of tricks these days?
The tech level these days is insane. Its cool if you can do it, I cant so i sure as hell respect it but id much rather see a mix of basics and tech and skating everything.

What motivated you to grind the over-vert q-p on the cover of TWS / How did it feel to have the cover?
I’m not sure, I just really wanted to. We always talked about if someone could do it or not and there was a rumor that Rune had done it but I just started trying it one day and didn’t do it but I felt like I could so we went back a few times for it before i got it. Its an honor to be on the cover. I’ve read that magazine for years now so it was definitely trippy to see my self on the cover

Stalefish, Taylor Bingaman, Tay Tay, Sacromento, Skateparks
Lipslide Shuv-out

What are your plans for the future, why did you move to San Diego?
I just plan on to keep skating and traveling. I moved for the weather and a new scene of skate spots and people to skate with and defiantly the beach helped my decision haha.

Lastly, anyone you’d like to thank?
I’d like to thank my Parents and Family, my girlfriend Whitney, and all my sponsors and everyone that works there. thanks dudes.