The Hype Train – Full Length online

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Here it is, The Hype Train video in it’s full length.

Typical Culture presents a D.I.Y. Skateboarding film by Zack Dowdy. Featuring Chris Russell, Skreech, Greg Zamarripa, Frank Shaw, Chris Gregson, Brendan Keaveny, Connor Getzlaff, Ricky Holderby, and Little Chris.
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The Hype Train – Frank Shaw

Frank Shaw was originally supposed to share a part with Skreech in The Hype Train video but ended up coming out with the longest part in the whole video. Killing it from Meford, OR. It was a blast traveling with Frank and filming this part. Get the full length video at

Film/Edit: Zack Dowdy

Issue #4

So here’s our first web version of our print zine. We’re planning on getting back issues (1,2, & 3) up as well too!
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The Hype Train – Connor Getzlaff & Ricky Holderby

Here’s Skooter and Ricky’s part. Shredding to some Shocking Blue.

Connor Getzlaff & Ricky Holderby’s part from The Hype Train video.
Full length available now for $5 download $10 DVD –
Filmed&Edited By: Zack Dowdy
Additional Filming: Troy Sanders & James Truesdale

The Hype Train Northwest Tour Pt.4

This is the final chapter of our month long journey in the great Northwest filming for The Hype Train video, full length video available now.

Full length video features: Chris Gregson, Little Chris, Frank Shaw, Skreech, Brendan Keaveny, Greg Zamarripa, Ricky Holderby, Connor Getzlaff, Zack Dowdy, Chris Russell, and more.

Film/Edit: Zack Dowdy
Additional Filming: Chris Gregson

Guest skaters: Ian Stribling & Slurk

The Hype Train – Northwest Tour Part 1.

We headed up the great Northwest for a month long journey with Skreech, Chris Russell, Greg Zamarripa, Chris Gregson, Ricky Holderby, Slurk, Little Chris, Ian Stribling, Frank Shaw and more friends. On a mission to finish up the filming for The Hype Train video which is available now:

Filmed/Edited by: Zack Dowdy