VOX – Monthly Mash Ep. 1

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I recently started working for VOX Footwear, we have tons of plans for the future and it feels rad to be apart of a shoe company that actually cares about skateboarding, and that’s all they care about – not the tennis courts or anything else. Check out this monthly edit featuring Danny DiCola, Hooker, Shaw, and more.

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VOX Footwear – Danny DiCola and some Alan Young

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The boys at VOX Footwear did a swell job getting DiCola on the squad. Check out this rad edit featuring some shredding at Prince Skatepark also featuring Alan Young.

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The Hype Train – Frank Shaw

Frank Shaw was originally supposed to share a part with Skreech in The Hype Train video but ended up coming out with the longest part in the whole video. Killing it from Meford, OR. It was a blast traveling with Frank and filming this part. Get the full length video at http://www.typicalculture.com/hypetrain

Film/Edit: Zack Dowdy